Eliminating Anger: Proven Methods For Achieving Calmness, Thinking clearly And Soothing The Mind Plr Ebook

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Table of Contents


Chapter 1

Humor As The Best Remedy For Combating Anger

Chapter 2

Practical Anger Management Techniques For Children

Chapter 3

Reducing Tantrums & Anger Amongst Adolescents
Chapter 4
How The Working Class Population Can Manage Their Anger Problems

Chapter 5
Dealing With Anger In The Office Milieu

Wrapping Up

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Chapter 1:
An Overview of Humor as the Best Remedy for Combating Anger


You do not need to let anger to have control over you. In this chapter, you will learn:-

-> Basic life skills to avoid temper flares
-> Being angry but still keeping cool
-> Cooling down when vexed
-> Understanding diverse ways of expressing anger in a bid to eliminate it
-> Detailed practical steps for you to consider

Basic Life Skills to Avoid Temper Flares

This therapeutic technique works for many people and is one of the easiest to go by. When one requires you to fulfill an order which is too demanding for to bear with then it would be recommendable to give an ironic answer for such a confrontation instead of getting mad. For instance, you can make a rejoinder by asking whether the individual needs such absurd demands to be ‘served from a dish.’

Another self help technique that would assist you in conquering anger outburst by learning how to sufficiently relax, along with accepting the situation as it is while taking care not to let temperatures flare. Some conditions which are more likely to result in bursts of physical outrage are when the neighbor accidentally leaves trash just beside your doorstep. Instead of attacking the person with hands clenched it would be more reasonable to ask him/her about what led to such actions. Get to know the reason behind certain acts instead of just throwing tantrums.

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