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Table Of Contents

Introduction To Woodworking    3
Safety First    5
Hardwoods Vs Softwoods    8
Various Styles Of Saws    11
Measure Twice, Cut Once    13
Chisel Basics    16
Choosing Hand Tools    18
Adhesives For Woodworking    20
Sharpening Tools – Get To The Point    22
Making Joints    24
Deciding What To Build    27
Creating Working Drawings    29
Finishes And Fillers    31

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Introduction To Woodworking

Woodworking encompasses a great number of diverse activities, including turning, woodcarving, marquetry, cabinetmaking and joinery, however, every specialist craftsman or craftswoman has at some time mastered the fundamentals of measuring and marking, dimensioning, assembling and finishing – considered the basics of woodworking skills that are the core of any woodworking calling.

The ability to think in three dimensions is needed to mark out the wood for a project and to imagine how one component fits with another and in what order is required of a woodworker. You will also need to know which tools will give the best results, depending on the level of accuracy required and the properties of the wood you are using.

Dimensioning is the process of reducing raw materials accurately to size. This almost invariably entails planning components square and true – a procedure that is simple in principle but takes a lot of practice to become perfect.

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