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Part 1: Wine Tasting: Right Way To Taste – (319 Words)
Part 2: Wine Tasting: How Smell And Taste Work – (325 Words)
Part 3: Wine Tasting: See What You’re Drinking – (333 Words)
Part 4: Wine Tasting: Smelling Your Wine – (335 Words)
Part 5: Wine Tasting Done Correctly – (311 Words)

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While tasting wine is important, so is smelling your wine.  As part of the process of experiencing full wine taste, you do have to smell the wine in the right manner.  In fact, the scent of your wine will truly determine if you have a wine that you enjoy or one that you may not enjoy in the least.  Most individuals will simple take a sniff of their wine, when there is a more full bodied method to doing so that will truly allow you to experience all that the wine has to offer to you before you even sip it.

First off, you will experience most of your scent of wine because of the molecules that are within the wine.  These allow you to truly smell the aroma of the wine.  In wine tasting circles, you’ll hear them referred to as the bouquet of nose of the wine.  You may hear about different bouquets but most are from this selection:  wood, fruit, spices, herbs, floral, or earthy.  These aromas can each have their own unique taste to them, though.

To smell your wine properly, swirl it first.  Moving the wine releases those molecules so that you can smell them.  Then, take a quick sniff of the wine.  This gives you one experience.  Now, take a more deep smell of the wine.  Can you smell the difference?  Some experts dismiss the first, short initial smell of the wine.  In either case, you can actually smell it.  Think about the scent.  Think about it.  What aroma does it offer to you?

As part of the process of actually experiencing wine, you must actually smell it properly.  It will be difficult at first to actually experience the smell and label it quickly with what type of aroma it is.  That’s okay because as you compare others to this one, you’ll be able to fully understand the aroma of the wine.

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