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Table of Contents

Table of Contents 3
Section I: Website Traffic Explosion 4
Successful Traffic Strategies Revealed 4
Untangling your “Traffic Roundabout” Gridlock 5
Your Visitors 7
Article Marketing with RSS 9
And Speaking of Blogs… 10
But Wait, There’s More… 11
How Not To Let Forums and Blog Commenting Suck Your Time 12
Product Reviews 13
“When in Doubt – Ask…” 15
Ezine Ads 15
PPC Ads 16
Your List 18
Follow Up for your Content Placement 18
Creating Buyers 20
What Will Your Reader Do, When He Receives Your Email? 22
Affiliate Traffic 23
Your Affiliate Base 24
Your JV Base 25
Recurring Customers 27
A Customer Question 28
The Freebie Seekers 29
Transforming Subscribers to Buyers 30
Section II: SEO (Search Engine Optimization) 33
Do Your Blogs need SEO? 34
Static Sites 36
Other HTML Tips 41
Tracking 42

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Section I: Website Traffic Explosion

Successful Traffic Strategies Revealed

Traffic is the engine that drives all online businesses. Without it, you’re stagnating and starving in a dusty back-shop off a maze of alleys that no one explores or even knows about. At the end of the alley, out on the main road, crowds of busy people hurry quickly by, day after day. You glimpse them, small figures scurrying past in the distance… but you can never reach them. What should you do about it?

That’s simple. You want to turn them into customers. You want to move your shop to Main Street – not literally, but by upping the visibility and authority status of all your sites.

To do this, you may need to step out of the security of old, familiar habits – not to mention adding a few new tricks (the web isn’t quite the same place it was, even a year ago.) It’s much easier to funnel paying customers through your door from Main Street, rather than trying to get them to leave their journey to take a time-losing detour to an obscure, unappealing place that’s totally out of their way.

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