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Table Of Contents


Chapter 1: Traffic And Ads Basics

Chapter 2: Using Social Media

Chapter 3: Using Content

Chapter 4: Using A Press Release

Chapter 5: Buying Ads

Chapter 6: Free Ads

Chapter 7: How Your Business Suffers If You Don’t Have Customers

Wrapping Up

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Chapter 2: Using Social Media


Social media is fast gaining phenomenal popularity for the current generation and in most cases it seems to be the only mode of communications for those immersed into the online world. Business and leisure activities are both mostly conducted online thus creating a wealth of resources available to be tapped into.

Social Sites

There following are several reasons why the social media has been able to establish itself as a very formidable platform for various intentions of communications on the internet:

Besides the more obvious reasons of being able to create the visibility for the business, product or service the individual is offering there is also the effectiveness of being able to create a “buzz” around the said elements to get even more interest in the individual’s site.

This form of “advertising” can help to create a very effective and instant way of establishing a brand and raising the awareness of its existence.

The social media platform also provides the means to monitor the competitors’ current pursuits and undertakings and helps the individual to make the necessary adjustments to his or her own site to stay competitive too.

This is also better facilitated due to the fact that actual advertising is rather limited and the focus is more on the actual exchange of information, comments and opinions which is usually popularly done with tools such as Twitter, Youtube, Facebook and other such platforms.

The perception of being involved on a more personal level allows the social media the distinction from other contact styles that also have the same end intention of promoting and creating visibility for their business entities to be most times better received by the masses.

Thus by tapping into the social media platform there are infinite opportunities to ensure the endeavor chosen to have a better chance of success because of the visibility this tools creates.

Chapter 3: Using Content


In order to be able to create the visibility needed to stand out in the online arena content design has to have all the elements that would create the interest to ensure the viewers stay long enough to feel impacted with what is being presented. Therefore having well designed content material is a very important element to concentrate on when trying to establish the relevancy of a site.


Researching for information and finding out what are the current interest of the general viewing population is one way of making an informed decision on how the create the content for the intended site’s postings.

When this is clearly outlined, then the process of creating the content can be embarked upon. Efforts must be put into ensuring the information being outlined in the content is not only interesting but has some accuracy and truth to it.

Simply churning out information to make up the content without proper verification will only create negative feedback and eventually cause the viewing traffic to stop visiting the site.

This can have a detrimental effect to the site’s existence and when this happens it is often very difficult to reestablish some form of interest in the site again.

When the site’s content is well thought up and designed, it also helps to establish the individual and the business as a serious entity and a formidable force that has the capability of garnering the desired interest through directing traffic to the site.

The intention of having a healthy percentage of traffic directed to the site would be to ensure the possibility of earning revenue through the conversion of the viewer into a loyal customer. In almost all cases this is the end desired targeted.

Therefore with this well established site solely based on the content material the individual is able to getting the online business visibility enough to ensure comfortable revenue earnings.

Chapter 4: Using A Press Release


For some this may be a rather new way of going about getting the business site to the attention of the viewing public. Exploring the possibilities that can be harnessed by the use of the press release tool the individual may be able to enjoy the results of the advertising platform it presents.


The following are some reasons the press release style should be considered for its innovative and far reaching possibilities:

Press releases helps to create the firm presence of the brand online because more often than not it is directly tagged to the integrity of the business endeavor, thus ensuring the legitimacy of the content.
This also adequately gets the attention of all who are privy to access the internet platform.

Substantially increasing the visibility of the business online is also another reason to use this press release tool. The benefits of publishing something online would in all probability include to lower cost issue as compared to the more conventional way of organizing a press release.

The basis of the success would be through the relevant and popular keywords being included into the content of the press release thus ensuring the intended traffic will be efficiently directed to the site of the launch.

With the keywords the intended target audience can be easily reached and eventually converted to loyal customers therefore ideally creating the revenue earning possibilities.

All this in turn will contribute to the better SEO rankings which in itself is another beneficial factor. Being well ranked will help to encourage even more traffic to the site thus enhancing the visibility factor which is the target of the whole press release exercise.

In some cases free traffic is better than paid ones and this can be sourced through the various press release directories where the campaign can be posted for free.

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