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Table of Contents

Chapter 1: Video marketing – An Overview
Chapter 2: Video marketing made Effective
Chapter 3: Let your competitors do your video marketing homework for you
Chapter 4: Video Marketing Essentials
Chapter 5: Different Types of Video Marketing
Chapter 6: Article-to-Video Marketing: Is It Right for You?
Chapter 7: Video Creation Tools: Things to know
Chapter 8: Slideshow Creation Tools: Are They Right for You?
Chapter 9: Personality-Focused Videos
Chapter 10: Marketing Videos on Social Media

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It involves three new technologies that has really turbocharged its effectiveness. First of all, you can use software to create video. You no longer have to patch together or shoot video content by hand. There is all sorts of software that can help you edit, enhance and even automate the creation of video content.

Also, video marketing content is increasingly plugged into a larger marketing infrastructure. These are the blogs, social media platforms, so on and so forth.

Finally, there are tools out there that would enable you to upload the video that you created without you manually going through all sorts of upload steps. With a few mouse clicks and a few key strokes, you can massively distribute your video.

Sounds awesome right? Well, don’t get ahead of yourself. A lot of marketers think that it’s all about technology and that as long as they have the right tools, video marketing will pretty much take care of itself. Absolutely wrong. How come?

You have to pay attention to the old elements that sill remain alive in video marketing. Lose sight of these and you’re going to fail. These factors remain. You have to build a brand. You have to create a human connection with your prospects. Most importantly, you still have to walk people through the KLT (know-like-trust) buying process.

Without these old elements, all of your videos, as awesome as they may seem on the surface, simply won’t be able to do the job. Sure, you may get sales every once in a while, but that’s not the kind of income you’re looking for. You want videos that close the deal on a consistent basis, but that’s just not going to happen if you disregard the old rules of salesmanship.

These old rules worked in the past, they’re working now, and they’ll continue to work long into the future. This training steps you through the mystery of the effective video marketing so you can set it up to maximize your ROI. This training is based solidly on the interweaving of the new and old factors that make up video marketing.

The bottom line actually hasn’t changed all that much. Just like with any other type of marketing, return on investment is crucial. This training has a slight twist however. I’m also going to dwell on, to some extent, the concept of return on effort. Your job is to spend as little time doing something while getting as many dollars out of that activity as possible.

Chapter 01 – Video marketing – An Overview

What exactly is effective video marketing? What’s the big deal? Well, it really all boils down to conversions. You can try video marketing, but that’s not going to put food on your table. You have to do “effective” video marketing. There is a difference.

Effective video marketing is all about conversions. The video has to play a role in getting the viewer to whip out their credit card and buy something or click on an ad that pays you or enter their email address or zip code into a form. Whatever the case may be, the video convinces whoever is watching to take action that somehow, someway leads to you making money.

Clear enough? Well, video can do this in one of two ways. Either it converts the viewer directly or the video is part of the conversion process. Maybe it happens immediately or it can take some time. Whatever the case may be, video plays a role.

What’s so powerful about a video anyway?

When you’re watching a video, you’re actually seeing many different signals being flashed to you in the time span of fractions of seconds. You may not even be aware of them, but all these signals are being sent to you and subconsciously you’re putting these signals together.

If you’re watching a video spokesperson, you’re paying attention to their facial expression, their demeanor, the way they say their words, and how quickly they’re talking. These and other non-verbal signals paint a picture.

It all leads to the question, “Should I trust the person or not?” which is very much related to the question that everybody asks in the back of their minds, “What’s in it for me?” Video enables marketers to answer those two questions in a very powerful way and it can be traced to the power of the human voice.

The power of the human voice

When somebody is talking to you, they’re making eye contact. They’re also talking to you with their voice. You’re not just hearing sound signals, but these sound signals pack a lot of value. You read in all sorts of meaning depending on the tone of voice, the emotions that you detect from the voice, and how quickly the person is talking.

It’s easy to tell whether somebody is confident or if somebody is basically tripping over themselves. It’s easy to tell whether somebody actually is an expert or if somebody is somehow just playing some sort of role. These are the things that you really cannot quite put your finger on but you know it when you see it and you hear it. A large part of this turns on the voice component.

The two factors that I outlined above combine to produce the secret to video marketing. What is this secret? It’s very simple: presence. Whether you have some sort of explainer cartoon or you have a slideshow with a voice-over or you’re presenting a video spokesperson looking directly in the camera, it all goes back to presence. Either the video gets front and center of the viewer so as to trigger the old sales rules, or it doesn’t.

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