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Table of Contents


Chapter 1:
Handle Expectations

Chapter 2:
Get Your Priorities In Order

Chapter 3:
Improve Focus

Chapter 4:
Learn To Say No

Chapter 5:
One Thing At A Time

Chapter 6:
Get Enough Sleep

Chapter 7:
Some Final Tips

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Without priorities life can become a confused mess missing direction. Priorities are the thrust that keeps us on task, moving toward our goals, and leading a substantial and productive life. But in order to live your life according to priorities, you must first discover what your priorities are, how to set them, and how to keep them.
Set Them

Priorities are a personal matter meaning that no 2 people’s priorities will be the same. You may want to be promoted at work whereas a colleague may be interested in running an endurance contest. Another fellow worker may be saving to start a home-based business so that they can better raise their loved ones. The bottom line is this: case-by-case priorities will be as varied as the individual. Don’t try to compare yours to other people, it just won’t make sense.

To set priorities, you must 1st thing of the things that are most significant to you. A good way to do this is to imagine looking back at your life twenty years from now. Which achievements would have been the most crucial to you? Which ones would you deem a waste of time? Center on the tasks and achievements that seem to be the most crucial. These are your priorities in life.

Now that you recognize what your priorities are, you need to determine goals with your priorities in mind. If raising your loved ones is your priority, working toward that promotion that will keep you in the office longer will scarcely be a worthy goal. Rather, center on goals that will give you more time with your loved ones. Perhaps switching to a higher paying job with fewer hours would be more in line with your priority of positioning loved ones first.

Once you set your priorities and goals, make sure to write them down and keep them in a secure place so that you are able to refer to them frequently. Analyze your actions to see whether they’re in line with both. If they’re not, make adjustments where required. For instance: Let’s say that you’re career driven and want to be highly successful at a young age. If you notice that you’re in a standstill job where you’ve reached the ceiling of opportunity, staying in this job would scarcely be in line with your priority of becoming successful. Switching to a fast-paced, upwardly mobile company where you are able to get the recognition that you merit may be your best bet.

Hold in mind that your goals and priorities are bound to shift throughout your life. The birth of a baby or a debilitating illness can dramatically alter your life and your outlook on what is significant. It’s during these times that you’ll need to reassess your priorities and alter them accordingly. Occasionally this may mean a subtle shift, other times you may need to completely overhaul your priorities and goals. But regardless what changes might come your way, make certain to stay true to yourself and to your dreams.


Mental clarity can better your focus, thereby your productivity. Take a brisk 20-minute midday walk to get some fresh air and a fresh perspective. The movement can help you work through any troubles you may be having as you increase the oxygen level in your blood. Exercise can likewise help you sustain your energy level throughout the afternoon. Turn that noon slump into midday inspiration with a change of scene.

Get Moving

Physical activity and exercise are beneficial to the mind as well as the body. They help better a person’s health and overall mentality on life. In order to feel the best, have more energy, and remain healthy, an individual should do something active at least 3 times a week. The great thing about physical activity and exercise is that it doesn’t matter what an individual does as long as it raises the pulse for a certain time period (twenty to thirty minutes is beneficial); it’s something one enjoys; and it’s safe. This means that an individual can bike, run, swim, or in – line skate and each will help benefit the mind. Specifically, an individual will experience a natural high and develop the ability to better handle emotions and changes in life.

Concentration is crucial for learning and understanding fresh things and being able to perform well in all aspects of life. Being physically active and exercising can help better concentration. This means that an individual will be able to be more centered and perform better. Staying physically fit has likewise been found to help individuals maintain memory longer in their lives. As people age, their memory skills may deteriorate, and physical activity and exercise may help ward off this effect for some time.

Tension is a normal part of every person’s life. It’s really necessary to have some stress in life. Otherwise, an individual would have no motivation for self-improvement or hard work. However, too much stress may cause many health problems. Some symptoms of stress include anxiety, hypertension, irritability, tense muscles, headaches, stomachaches, and lower resistance to illness. Physical activity and exercise, particularly noncompetitive activity, help to manage stress. They give an individual the opportunity to feel calmer and more alert, which may help a person work through the things that are causing the stress. They also boost the immune system, so resistance to illness will step-up.

While physical activity and exercise may make people feel more alert during the day, they also allow individuals to feel calmer and sleep more soundly. When individuals are active, their body temperature rises and warms their insides. This comforts the body, like a warm bath, and causes an individual to feel more tranquil. This feeling, along with the lower anxiety and stress and physical benefits of physical activity and exercise, helps a person to sleep soundly at night and improves concentration.

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