The Time Management Guide: For Internet Marketers And Online Business Owners Plr Ebook

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Table of Contents

Getting Into Time Management 3
Common Time Management Issues 5
Net Surfing 5
Email 6
Phone Calls 7
Procrastination 9
Learn To Set Goals 14
Define Your Goals 14
The Proper Way To Write Your Goals 15
Put Your Plan To Action 17
Get Rid Of Your Bad Habits 17
Be Organized 17
Automate Your Business 18
Learn To Delegate 20
Learn To Schedule Your Business Day 21
Set Time Limits 22
Establish Routines 23
Tools For Time Managment 25
Time Tracking Software 25
Day Timers and Calendars 26
To Do Lists 28
You’re On Your Way! 31

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Getting Into Time Management

Time management is a term business people hear often, especially Internet marketers whose job descriptions run the gamut from executive decision maker to coffee maker. So what does the term really mean, and more importantly, what does the term mean to you?

Time management isn’t just a lofty concept that conjures up visions of easy workdays and unstressed task completion. It is a process that, when learned and used properly, can actually make a difference in how successful your business actually becomes.

And, although the term time management encompasses many different techniques and rules, the key component to any successful time management plan is commitment: commitment to learning a new way of doing things, commitment to action, and commitment to long-term change.

Once you have the commitment the next step is learning how to plan your time and rigorously sticking to that plan. Although that may sound difficult, the success you will achieve will come quickly. By beginning with even the simplest of changes, you will immediately discover more time, better results and the lessening of stress.

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