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Chapter 1:
Why The Mindset Is Important?

Chapter 2:
The Real Truth About Internet Marketing

Chapter 3:
Business Versus Employee Mindset

Chapter 4:
The Story Of The Chinese Bamboo Tree

Chapter 5:
Building A Long Term Business Versus Fast Cash

Chapter 6:
Choosing Between The Path Of The Merchant Versus The Affiliate

Chapter 7:
Gaining Motivation For Your Projects

Chapter 8:
Finding Help At The Right Places

Wrapping Up

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Chapter 2: The Real Truth About Internet Marketing


In simple layman’s words Internet marketing is the process of marketing your products and services utilizing the power of the internet.

What is internet marketing?

Ever since the boom of the internet and the advent of the information age people have been using the internet for communication, entertainment, information and their business.

The usage is literally unlimited as internet has opened up a plethora of opportunities for a new generation of professions, like programming, designing, content writing etc.; it has also lead to effective governance by our government using the power of electronic mail or e-mail and distribution of information. Technology in the form of internet now allows us to sell our products and services online.

With the help of internet we have now been able to reach a global audience who are in need of our services. This audience was hitherto impossible to reach out to. With an effective distribution system managed by the power of internet it is also possible to distribute the products efficiently and timely.

New markets have opened up and we have seen true globalization in all sense of the term now. With the advent of the internet and the rise in the number of people using it for various reasons each day, traditional media marketers have started to flock to the digital domain to try and woo potential customers.

How does internet marketing help?

Internet provides an opportunity to reach an audience that is hitherto untouched and seemingly impossible to tap because of the lack of options to reach out to them. Internet offers that extension. For example you are selling custom made Slipcovers.

Your main customers are people who are within the locality and those who come through references from out of town. What is you have a tool that will allow you to sale your slip covers to a larger set of customers and those who are willing to pay for the shipping for the same?

Internet provides that opportunity and not only that in it has also leveled the playing field for the small and the big businesses. Small businesses with smart marketing techniques are now making their presence felt. They are not only effectively selling to the local customers but also taking advantage of the internet to reach out to the customers who are looking to buy online.

Various forms of internet marketing

Internet marketing can be of various forms. The initial days of internet marketing saw advertising banners and email marketing. Then intrusive and other rich media advertising concepts were introduced which were very successful in disseminating information in a large way.

This was followed by the next generation of marketing options using social media. Banner advertising and email marketing were the first form of advertising which are still very effective. Banner advertising usually works on the basis of how many impressions have been server up by the page. These forms of advertising were very popular at the start of online marketing. However the effective measure of leads received using impression based advertising was difficult to track down.

However with the loss of impression based marketing approaches to more performance based marketing approaches, impression based banner advertising is no longer the main weapon in the hand of the marketer. The online marketer is moving more towards performance based advertising also known as CPA or cost per acquisition. Click through are now given importance and where call to action is required the publishers are getting paid for each call to action successfully completed by the prospect.

With the advent of social media marketing internet marketers have now in their hand an even more powerful weapon to reach out to with the target customers. Social media has a snow ball effect for marketing efforts. Just like in the real world we pass on information one to one and thus create a huge surge in the flow of information and result in a new product gaining popularity and awareness, online social media works similarly.

Small organizations have now got an opportunity to really level the playing field. Smart marketing techniques using social media helps them to gain an advantage over larger companies who are traditionally slow in moving and takes time to absorb new untested technology.

Affiliate marketing is another form of marketing on the internet. Affiliates are basically people who would be willing to promote your products and services for a small fee. They are mainly small firms or individuals who specialize in marketing tactics of various forms. They use their experience and reach in transferring quality traffic to your website which converts.

Depending upon how good your product or service is and how relevant it is to the traffic that is coming on to your website you can expect a decent number of conversions each month. The affiliate will charge a small commission from the sales which way outweighs the benefit in terms of new sales they will bring in. Clickbank is a case in the point. They have some of the best affiliate programs on the internet.

How modern internet marketing has assumed importance.

Internet has helped in the faster access of information and has opened up a market which is larger than the traditional market in terms of geographical boundary and accessibility. Earlier before the advent of internet it is difficult if not impossible to think about marketing to and finding prospects over a bigger market which is spread across a large geographical area.

Small organizations with no access to a large multinational distribution system could never have imagined that they could serve customers from a large number of countries. Now with the help of internet not only it is easy to get access to these customers but also possible to serve them.

Shopping online has been the convenient preference for a lot of customers. They prefer to shop online at the convenience of their home and check out using their credit cards or other online payment options

Internet has dramatically transformed commerce. Every day more and more people are logging on to the internet for news, communication, entertainment, jobs and more.

Depending upon the demographic and economic power that they carry they are a sizeable market for most products and services. They spend on an average eight to ten hours each day which means a huge opportunity to advertise and get their attention.


Internet marketing has been a grand success. It is no longer a niche that is optional for the traditional marketer. It is now a medium which is of utmost importance and often assumes a position of prominence in the marketers marketing mix.

Chapter 3: Business Versus Employee Mindset


This debate of business versus employee mindset would certainly raise a few debates as this the fundamental factor which decides whether a person would work for someone or do his own business.

While a lot of people would prefer doing his own business there is no apparent reason why being an employee is worse or disadvantageous.

In fact there are both plusses and minuses on both sides and it is a matter of pure choice whether a person ends up working for someone or starting his own business.

Business versus employee mindset.

Business certainly has its benefits in the fact that you income is not fixed. So if you are good at what you do, you could literally end up writing your own paycheck.

That means there is no dearth of money for most things in life. You could end up saving for your children’s college fund and your retirement and have done everything an American dream of doing in his life even before completing your thirties. Take the example of pioneering internet entrepreneurs. There are so many of them who have left a job or dropped out in the middle of college and started doing what they believed in.

Passion is something that every businessman must have along with his vision to do something. In fact loving what you do is the key to success in every form of life. Your hard work and urge to do reach your goal comes from that passion and combined with your hard work takes you to your destination.

It is said that businessmen are risk takers. That is certainly correct. As I just mentioned above there are so many of them who have dropped out of college or left a perfectly good job and jumpstarted their own companies. However with the element of risk, you need passion, determination and of course a bit of luck.

Business is certainly a lot of fun, adventure, heartburn and opportunity to go out of the way and follow a path which is extraordinary.

Of course while being some ones employee you may still be able to get those opportunities and a lot of companies worth their money and reputation do encourage out of the box thinking for their executive to stay ahead in the competition race, but at the end of the day you will be limited in your approach and a really radical idea which you may think will work may be rejected by your boss.

In employment you will always be under the whims of your boss and never be able to use your creative ideas without your boss’s permission or explicit support. Very few people are lucky in that area and get that kind of support from their boss. As such people are known to have left their jobs to pursue their dreams. Business also gives you’re the opportunity to be your own boss and not to be answerable to anybody.

However business has its downsides as well. People are known to have suffered huge losses and had to wind up within a year of starting their businesses.

Business like anything else depends on the socio-economic state and any damp in that can severely affect your business. Talk about start ups in 2008 that just had to be sheer unlucky to have picked a wrong year.

A new form of doing business is freelancing. It is a way of doing business when you don’t have a huge amount of money to invest and you are not very good at man management or plain just wants to concentrate on what you do best and not think about the rest.

Freelancing is great in the sense that niche skills are in popular demand the world over and if you are great at doing something be it programming or writing or voice over anything basically that can be marketed and is in demand, you can sell your skills for a price.

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