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Well you did it… You have in your possession an amazing collection of content from one man. Me.

For those of you that know me, you know that I can write and post and chat… I’m a natural born writer.

Am I the best writer? No… Did I take college level English? Yes. Did I take creative writing? Yes. Have I been writing poetry and a variety of literary things over the years? Yes.

I’ve always enjoyed writing…

You know what else I like to do? I like teaching… I like coaching… I like helping people!

What you have in your possession is born out of that desire. The desire I have to help those in need and to provide direction to those that are lost or need an answer desperately.

The trouble is, my content is spread all over the net and entangled in areas that people don’t know about… it is buried in websites. It is hanging out on my computers desktop and has never seen the light of the internet.

Well… since my goal is to make these words work and help people, I decided that I might bring them out of their hiding spots and create a collection like no other!

Now, there is A LOT of information here. I do not have it in any real order… you can easily do a search via the function of Acrobat or Word program you are using if you are interested in a particular topic.

I may organize this some more for later versions, but it is a challenge. I touch on such a wide range of topics, many things are only mentioned once and the categories would be massive!

What I have done to help is organize it into 10-15 page chunks… it’s designed as a 30 day internet course! If you are interested in extracting as much as you can from this body of work, tackle it in chunks. Say I will read 10 pages a day for 30 days until I’m done.

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