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Table Of Contents


Chapter 1: Envision

Chapter 2: A Design

Chapter 3: Finding Your People

Chapter 4: Advertising

Chapter 5: Lists and Auto-responders

Chapter 6: The Golden Rules

Chapter 7: Training

Wrapping Up

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Chapter 7:



You’ve become expert at the art of enrollment. New team members are surfacing, regularly wishing to take you up on your offer to support their success. So let’s view what training structures you may put into place to facilitate their progress.

Initially, you might have lots of time available to train your fresh distributors to become acquainted with all the products. However, as your business grows and you have fresh partners surfacing who require your support on a steady basis, you’ll be well served to put a few structures into place to champion their success.

If your company provides these structures, commit to using as many of them as conceivable while stressing their importance to those who join your team. If your company doesn’t, get with your success-line partners and assemble your own structure.

After all, it’s up to you to put into place whatsoever is needed to help the success of your team.


A lot of network marketing companies corporately sponsor every day or each week opportunity and training calls. In those cases where there are no such company-supported calls, it would serve the organization’s building exploits to have top leaders arrange and host these conferences on a every week, if not more frequent, basis.

To conduct a potent opportunity call, the presenter may first share her personal story concerning when and how she was introduced to the company, products, and opportunity.

Where her life was before her liaison with her network marketing company may be contrasted with where she’s now in terms of success, fulfillment, fun, and finances.

She may briefly talk about the vehicle to produce wealth, namely

(1) Network marketing,
(2) The constancy and credibility of the company,
(3) The unequalled qualities and value of the products, and
(4) The stimulating nature of the income opportunity.

She may then invite some product testimonials and then request a few income testimonials.

Lastly, the call ought to end with a call to action, encouraging leads to get with the member who invited them to the call to further research the possibilities and have all their questions answered.

Your organization will grow most quickly when you’re able to capitalize on a scheme to funnel your prospects and distributors into local, regional, and national meetings. All company-approved meetings are advertised on all conference calls, in the monthly e-zine and bonus check flyers, on the corporate site, and in all other communications to the field.

Urge local weekly meetings in all areas where a leader may take responsibility for hosting them and developing their attendance numbers. These meetings might be low at first, consisting of a local business builder who steps into leadership to invite some guests or fresh distributors.

As the local group develops in number, every distributor takes responsibility for inviting at least one new individual to each weekly meeting. When the size of any specific weekly meeting reaches fifteen or more, the group is encouraged to form a 2nd local weekly gathering.

The weekly meetings give into the local monthly meetings. It’s crucial not to convey the impression that the business isn’t growing by holding ill attended meetings in a formal, big meeting facility. The monthly meetings may start off with a brief opportunity presentation to support any leads in attendance. The local monthly meetings serve to funnel individuals into bigger regional meetings.

These meetings commonly are conducted in a hotel function facility. It’s valuable for a top distributor or established leader to close these events. The ability to come and listen to somebody who’s living the dream, thanks to the excellent opportunity made possible by your company, is a crucial factor in arousing interest and driving attendance.

These meetings ought to center on the steps to accomplish success, with a goal of inspiring attendees to step into a massive action mode. They ought to likewise highlight success stories and recognize the acquirement of distributors advancing in compensation plan positional rank and achieving organizational growth.

Distributors ought to leave these functions motivated to share in the success they witnessed other people already realizing.

By producing such a structure with meetings at every level that feed other meetings, distributors are given the knowledge needed to build a successful business as well as a scheme to eventually transform fresh distributors into achieved leaders.

At every level, distributors are encouraged to stretch and step into a succession of leadership roles. Having such a structure likewise renders the excitement that comes from promoting the next impending event.

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