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Table of Contents

Chapter 1:
An Introduction
Chapter 2:
Network Marketing in the 21st Century
Chapter 3:
The Google Revolution
Chapter 4:
Finding the Right Opportunity
Chapter 5:
Finding the Right Team
Chapter 6:
Understanding Compensation Plans
Chapter 7:
Methods of Prospecting
Chapter 8:
What It Takes to Be a Leader
Chapter 9:
Interesting New-Age Products
Chapter 10:
Parting Thoughts

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Network Marketing in the 21st Century

You have to know some important differences first.

Sales Vs Marketing

Prospects have become warier than they ever were. There are so many opportunities out there that it is difficult for them to decide what they must take, if at all. Even if someone is contemplating on a network marketing business, you couldn’t always hope to sway them toward your side because there are so many options opened out to them.

However, network marketing still remains lucrative and that is one big draw for you to bring people toward your business. The results that can be expected can be so huge in monetary terms that they could put most companies to shame.

The emphasis of ‘marketing’ in ‘network marketing’ is still quite profound. Despite whatever you might have heard about networking being the most important thing here, you must know that you are, after all, ‘marketing’. This is an important thing for you to consider. In fact, when you are getting your prospects, make sure that you get people who know how to market. Networking is fine enough, but what use is it if you can get your octogenarian grandmother into your network, who cannot market anything for you?

The days of pumping network with people who cannot market – read family and friends – should be over by now. Today’s network marketing businesses know that it is extremely important to have people in the team who can bring about the all-important sales.

Though this premise is slightly different, network marketing is most assuredly a sales concept. You have to sell things for money, not just share them.

In the 21st century, the difference between sharing and selling has become much more profound, especially over the Internet. When you recommend something without any financial gains, like if you tell someone there’s a really great movie in town that they must catch, you aren’t selling. Selling is what is important in network marketing – you do this with monetary gains involved for yourself.


Googling might well become an Oxford entry. It is not a matter of ‘will it’, it is a matter of ‘when’.

The Google Revolution

As in everything else, the Google Revolution has swept the network marketing world as well. A very small indication can be obtained by simply going to Google and typing in ‘network marketing’. With 123,000,000 results, there’s no questioning how popular this search term is, and Google won’t ever be behind to latch on to something that is so much in demand.

But, why is Google important to you? It is so simply because now Google has overtaken all other search engines in popularity. It has become almost an Internet default to search something on Google. If you don’t know something or want to find out something, no one any longer says, “I will search on the Internet.” Instead, they say, “I will Google it.”

Hence, if you rank on Google, if you get those highly coveted first page rankings, you have it made. Now, Google SEO is a whole new concept in itself. But remember these few things:–

1. Google ranks websites on the basis of their content. So, content remains king. However, this content is useless unless it has the right kind of content involved in it.
2. Along with that, Google simply loves it if you update your content regularly. That is why blogs are tops.
3. Inbound links are just something else when you are dealing with Google. Get as many links live on the Internet – through articles, blogs, forum posts, social networking site comments, etc. The more the number of people visiting your site, the better will be the rank of the site.

Today, working with Google has become like a circle. You first promote yourself on Google, get the initial trickle of visitors, and when Google sees that people are visiting your website, they will rank your site better which will help attract more visitors. It is actually simple to get the initial rank on Google if you follow all Google-friendly methods. Get in the loop as fast as you can.

At the same time, don’t forget Google’s value in research. You could use this tool significantly in finding out what your competitors are really up to and you could enhance your strategies likewise.


Whatever hopes you might have, whatever you must have thought about the whole thing, however much confident you might be about yourself, all that could be squashed with just one wrong initial move.

Finding the Right Opportunity

Ask yourself this question several times over before getting into the network marketing venture you will eventually choose –
“Why am I getting into network marketing?”

Unless and until that still small voice inside you says that you are getting into it for making money, you are not going to get a good start.

Think about it. Your network marketing venture is special because you are in this for the pure and sole reason for making money. Make this your utmost intention. In the 21st century, with the high level of competitiveness all around, this point has become more poignant than ever.

Here is the mindset that you need to inculcate so that you make sure you are landing with the right opportunity for yourself.

You Are a Businessperson

Whatever name your company might use for you – distributor, sponsor, MLM leader – what you really need to know is that you are a businessperson, an entrepreneur. This might be a small business for now, but it has the potential to go as much ahead as you can dream.

So, what’s the position of the network marketing company you are collaborating with? No, it’s not your boss as you might think. It is your business partner.

This is what you need to keep in mind. You are partnering with this company to make your profits. The company needs you more than you need it. At least in the initial stages.

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