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Chapter 1: The Biggest Error

Chapter 2: How You See Your Business

Chapter 3: What Do You Want

Chapter 4: Establishing A Plan

Chapter 5: One Step Further

Chapter 6: Get Help If You Need It

Chapter 7: Keep Your Cash

Chapter 8: Taking It Farther

Wrapping Up

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Chapter 6:

Get Help If You Need It


I’ve already suggested that there’s a vast amount of data about making cash on the net out there in the market and that this flood of information may frequently be more harmful than it is helpful.

And the fact is that if you’re like most individuals who have just began or are about to begin their own net marketing business, you’re likely doing so on your own, so faced with this massive data mountain, it’s really easy to become befuddled, distracted or ambushed.

For this reason, it might add up to attempt to find somebody with whom you may work and from whom you may learn. There are a few different ways you may do this, with the better option for you likely being dependent on how much experience you have and where you are in your net marketing career at the minute.

If you’re somebody who’s already mastered particular basic net marketing skills, your knowledge allied to any previous experience that you’ve already adopted means you’ve an asset, albeit an intangible one. In net marketing, possibly more than in any other business environment, knowledge and experience represent true assets and if you’ve an asset, you’ve something that other marketers will put a value on.

Take A Good Look

What this means is, if you’ve something valuable to bring to the table, you may seek joint-venture partners with whom you may work.

When net marketers arrange joint-venture partnerships, the common idea is that each member of that partnership bring something valuable to the table which the other partners can’t bring, and has suggested, with experience and knowledge under your belt, you’ve an asset to provide likely partners.

To discover individuals with whom you may ‘team up’ in this way shouldn’t be particularly hard either. For example, the first place I’d seek suitable partners would be the chief forum sites in the niche in which you’re operating.

In a JV operation, you and your partner (or partners) would all be equals in the project, but for this to occur, you have to have some skill or ability to bring to the partnership table.

If you don’t as yet bear these skills or powers, your situation is somewhat different. In that case, what you ought to be looking for is a teacher or mentor instead of a partner. What you truly require is somebody from whom you may learn, somebody who will train you from the ground up so that you learn everything that you have to know from an authority.

There are a lot of ways that you may find individuals who would be willing to and capable of mentoring or teaching you everything you have to know about net marketing. But remember, you have to learn from somebody who truly knows what they’re doing so you may learn the stuff that truly matters whilst avoiding the distractions.

Therefore, finding a mentor is basically a two-stage process, as you first need to find somebody, and second you have to verify that they’ve the ability or experience to give you what you require.

The 1st strategy for finding someone who may genuinely teach you what you have to know is to do so is through the leading forum sites in your market sector. Running an aboveboard Google search for forums in your niche will show you which are the most popular, as they’ll be the ones at the top of the search results page.

More often than not, if you are able to find a forum site that’s obviously the leader in your market sector or niche, you’ll find that most of the ‘big names’ in your industry will participate in that forum.
These individuals are unlikely to be regular contributors, primarily because they abide by the advice that I gave you earlier about avoiding spending too much of your time on bulletin board sites.

After all , the ‘big guns’ of net marketing are too busy earning millions of dollars yearly through their net-based business activities to spend hours daily on a forum.

Nevertheless, it’s a fact that even the top boys in the industry will contribute to the leading forum sites in your market sector from time to time, and all you need to do is to spot who they are.

Luckily, this isn’t especially difficult, as other members of the forum will commonly point you in the right direction if you watch what is going on closely enough.
To take this concept a step further, suppose that by utilizing this method, you’ve discovered somebody who’s obviously an authority in your market, a well-known expert in your niche.

Quite clearly, you can’t simply come straight out to ask this individual to help you. After all, they don’t know you from Adam and till you’ve done a lot more background research on them, you don’t know whether the business idea that you’re thinking about adopting will place you in direct rivalry with them or not.

Therefore, once you’ve found person, you have to do your background research to discover as much as you can about them. In addition to establishing whether you’re going to be in direct rivalry with them or not, this research may help to uncover a few more highly cogent factors.

First, it will let you build a broad picture of their business interests, experience and skills. This ought to help to clarify whether they’re the sort of individual you ought to be approaching for assistance or not. Having this background will also make a difference when you first approach them for their help.

The 2nd thing that you might discover is that they may already have some sort of mentoring or training materials available, meaning that rather than having to approach them directly to ask for help, you may sign up for their program or product instead.

The point to remember here is that the individuals who have reached the top of the tree in your industry have done so for a reason. Essentially, they had a well thought out, professionally developed business plan which they followed with determination and total focus so that they accomplished what they set out to accomplish.

So, there must be a second option because if ‘plan A’ doesn’t work, you must have an alternative ‘plan B’.

In this case, the 2nd option is to look at sites that are centered on finding mentors for individuals who need them. This Canadian site lists dozens of sites where you ought to be able to find a suitable mentor with whom you may work and from whom you may learn, so I’d definitely recommend that you take a look.

Consequently, if you think that having a mentor will help you and you can’t find anybody suitable through your own efforts on the leading forum sites in your niche, this is a great site to begin your search for a valid ‘plan B’ option.

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