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Table Of Contents


Chapter 1: Choose A Profitable Niche

Chapter 2: Market Research On Selected Niche

Chapter 3: Faster Ways To Become An Expert

Chapter 4: Research Your Niche Topics

Chapter 5: Compile Your Coaching Content And Material

Chapter 6: Transform Content Into Printed Book Or Booklet

Chapter 7: Convert Content Into Video CDs

Chapter 8: Record Content As An Audio CD

Chapter 9: Value Added Products That Help Your Client

Chapter 10: Putting It All Together

Wrapping Up

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Being able to choose a profitable niche is not always an easy task. It usually takes some research and networking to find out what is popular and what is not.

The Coaching Creator

No sweat guide in creating your own coaching program in less than 30 days

Chapter 1: Choose A Profitable Niche


Therefore, in the quest toward finding and using a particular niche for the advancement of the coaching business would be advantages. Make Money

The following are some tips to consider when choosing a profitable niche in the coaching field:

• Ideally the individual should be able to identify a niche that most ignites some level of passion from within or something that creates the excitement and is revenue earning. However, in some cases the niche picked would not be ideal for profit garnering purposes. Therefore, a little focused attention into what is currently drawing the interest of the customer would be a better niche to tap into. In doing so, the individual could add a few features to enhance the value of the programs thus effectively creating a niche within a niche.

• Another way of identifying a suitable niche would be to observe what the client base is actively looking for in terms of services and programs available in the market. Armed with this information, the individual can then identify and master in order to be able to offer this to potential clients.

• Having a niche product that is valuable but overpriced may not be the best way to get the client interested in committing to the program. The client must be convinced of the benefits before any consideration is given to the price, thus the need to choose a niche that has compatible pricing.

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