Timeless List Building Give Away Rights Ebook

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Table of Contents

Introduction Page 4
Understanding List Building Page 5
The Process of Email Marketing Page 6
Building Your Foundation Page 7
10 Steps to List Building Success Page 8
Step 1: Your Giveaway Product Page 8
Step 2: Setup Your Auto Responder Page 10
Step 3: Setting Up Your Squeeze Page Page 15
Step 4: Setting Up Your Thank You Page Page 18
Step 5: Receiving The Product Page 18
Step 6: Being Selling Your Products Page 19
Step 7: Turning Subscribers Into Buyers Page 19
Step 8: Manual Broadcasts Page 20
Step 9: Drive In Traffic Page 20
Step 10: Repeat! Page 22
Frequently Asked Questions Page 23
Closing Words Page 28
Resources Page 29

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Thank you so much for investing into this eBook. This eBook is something powerful in and of itself. I have invested a lot of time and effort into it, knowing well that if you choose to do as I have done, you have a much higher success rate of list building than if you were to not take my information into consideration.

It is easily possible with this knowledge, to build a list of tens of thousands, perhaps hundreds of thousands, of subscribers. This will allow you to take your life to a whole new step, a whole new level.

Access to knowledge that will allow for thousands of subscribers will help you make anywhere from $5,000 to $10,000 a month! Imagine life a year from now with 100,000 subscribers, making $50k to $125k PER MONTH! Imagine what you could do with your life. Quit your job. Have no worries about money. And overall, live life the way it should be, the way you want it to be.

That is what Timeless List Building will teach you to do. I am giving you the general structure of list building, the basics (and some neat secrets as well), and helping you get under your feet. I am practically giving you the tools and knowledge needed to achieve this success. You can do this, it just takes a little bit of effort (as with anything else in life), and then you’re virtually on autopilot.

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