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What Is MLM Anyway?

MLM stands for multi-level marketing. This type of home business opportunity is based on the very powerful idea of building a strong network of customers and product distributors and earning commissions on the buying and selling activity of everyone in this network.

For example you will find customers to buy your products, and distributors to help you sell your products. Obviously you will profit when your own customers buy, but you’ll also get paid when the distributors you refer make sales!

This business model relies on interpersonal network building to move product from the manufacturer to the end user. For this reason MLM is also referred to as network marketing, and these terms will be interchanged within this report.

MLM can be traced back to the 1940’s, when a company called Nutrilite began distributing vitamin products and health supplements via network building. It is worth mentioning that the founders of the original Nutrilite company were also involved in the founding of the vitamin/health supplement industry in the 1920s. It is therefore far from coincidence that so many networking opportunities focus on wellness products.

The popularity of MLM opportunities grew steadily during the 1960s. This market enjoyed tremendous growth in the 1970s, and saw another strong surge in the 90s.

By 1998, just three years after the mainstream inception of the worldwide-web, the “Internet gold rush” began. By the year 2000, the revolution was in full swing. Network marketers hailed the coming of a new age of personal prosperity and MLM success.

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