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Part 1: The Choice Between Fundmental And Swing Trading – (329 Words)
Part 2: Learning To Make A Profit In Swing Trading – (341 Words)
Part 3: Swing Trading: Don’t Lose Momentum – (322 Words)
Part 4: Swing Trading: Education And Experience Your Best Assets – (326 Words)
Part 5: Acquiring Success In Swing Trading – (357 Words)

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Success is measured not only in monetary gain, but also in the knowledge and experience we gain. Thus, being a success swing trader may not bring immediate monetary gain, or profit, but it will help you build your momentum in the field and gain valuable experience that will eventually form your success through financial gain. However, reaching that point requires much work and commitment as with any business. Even if you’re not going to be a full-time swing trader, you must make a commitment to the cause if you expect to make a profit. This commitment must include the continued acquisition of education through reading and following the trends in the financial markets as well as gaining valuable experience through regular trading operations.

The acquisition of knowledge is a never-ending one if you want to be a successful swing trader. The market is volatile and changes so routinely that any break in the education process is likely to cause the uninformed trader to make a serious financial error. To avoid that, stay informed and never stop reading the financials that pertain to your stock. This is part of your financial future, so you want to make sure that you know everything that you can about the stock exchange index and how its contents will affect your individual investments. An important thing to remember is not to expect the same trend to react the same way with different stocks. A merger for ABC Corp may cause a downward trend while the same thing with Company F may have the opposite effect. This is why it is important to follow the trends of individual companies and not just trends in general because the effect will not always be the same.

If you continue to educate yourself and make a commitment to reading and staying in tune with the trends, you will be a successful swing trader. On the other hand, if you don’t make that commitment, you may be putting your financial future at risk since you may fail to recognize a downward turn of events and make a trade error.

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