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Subject: How to earn cash quickly with a garage sale

Dear NAME,

If you need cash quickly, one of the fastest ways to earn some extra money is to sell your stuff at a garage sale. Now garage sales can be a bust. You can spend hours sitting in your yard and earn less than $20. However, with a few tips you can turn your gently used belongings into good hard cash. Here’s how:

1. Partner up – Find a few friends who also have stuff to sell. This way you’ll have more to advertise at your sale. The more stuff you have, the more attention you’ll attract. And you can divide the legwork to hold the sale. It’s nice to be able to take turns meeting and greeting customers and negotiating deals.

2. Advertise – In addition to announcing your garage sale on Craigslist, list it on the free garage sale site listings. For example, GarageSaleFinder.com is a free listing service.

3. Highlight your big ticket items – Designer clothes, electronics and exercise equipment are big ticket items. They draw attention and attract a crowd. Large batches of children’s items, books, and DVDs can also grab attention. Highlight these items in your advertisements and garage sale listings.

4. Presentation matters – Borrow tables and present your goods as cleanly and as professionally as possible. If your garage sale appears tidy and organized, your goods will have the appearance of looking like they’re worth more. Clean your items and make sure they’re in working order. If you’re selling exercise equipment then make sure that people can try it out. Be able to plug in electrical items and allow visitors to test items.

A garage sale can be an excellent way to earn quick cash and to clear out the clutter. Band together with a few other people to create an attention-grabbing event and have fun. Any items you don’t sell at your event can be donated, or we’ll talk about another way to clear out the clutter and earn cash fast next time.

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