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When you decide to become an online coach it will do a great deal for your own professional and personal growth. If you are an expert in your subject there is always more to learn and you will be committed to doing this so that you can provide your clients with the most up to date and useful information.

It is very satisfying to teach others what you know and to help them achieve their own goals. You will need to be a good communicator, and as you perform more coaching you will refine your communication skills. Dealing with all different kinds of people will open your mind and help you to develop as a person.

To be a good online coach you need to be disciplined and organized. If you commit to a coaching session with a client at a specific time then you have to be on time. You should plan out your coaching sessions to ensure that your clients get the best from them and feel like they have received a lot of value from you.

There is Good Money in Online Coaching

Online coaches charge hundreds if not thousands of dollars for personal coaching. If you are coaching several different people at the same time then you can charge on a per person basis which will bring you in a good amount of money.

Most people never turn what they know into hard cash. This is exactly what an online coach does. They are happy to provide their knowledge to others in return for a significant sum of money. Experts in the digital marketing niche can charge thousands for an hour of their time. The same goes for coaches in personal development and life coaching.

When you are starting out you will need to charge less than this but an hour of your time can still be worth hundreds of dollars. By providing personal one on one attention to individual clients they will appreciate this and will reward you handsomely for it. As long as you are providing good value people will be happy to pay you what you want.

Create your own Schedule

You decide when you will work. Obviously you need to be around when your clients are and if they are in different countries then you need to plan for the differences in time zones. With today’s technology you can send out reminders to your clients and use the Internet for all of your coaching sessions. It is fairly easy for you to tell your clients when you are available for coaching. You need to be flexible here and make yourself available to your clients when it suits them. Some of them may have full time jobs and only be available at evenings and weekends. What you can definitely control is the number of coaching sessions that you provide in a day.

Very Easy to get started

You probably have all of the tools that you need to become an online coach right now. A laptop or desktop computer and an Internet connection and you are ready to go. Some online coaches claim that they can provide online sessions when they are on the move by using a tablet device. This is not something that we would recommend when you are starting out.

Clients will expect you to communicate with them using a messenger service such as Skype, Zoom, Facebook etc. You could offer your clients the choice of platform for your sessions. All of these services are free and you can even record the sessions that you have with your clients (there may be a small charge for this).

Everyone has email so you can use this as another communications medium. We recommend that you setup Google Drive or some other cloud service so that you can share materials with your clients. If you need them to see video footage then this will often be too large a file to send via email.

Then there is texting. You can send text messages anywhere in the world for very little these days. If your client likes this form of communication then ask them for their phone number and provide yours as well.

We recommend that you go for the best Internet package that you can for your coaching business. It is also a good idea to have a backup service as well. If your Internet access is down then you cannot provide coaching sessions. This is not going to go down well with your clients so always have a backup plan.

With high bandwidth Internet access you can hold video calls and easily share your computer screen for demonstrations etc. Your clients will appreciate this as you are really helping them to learn what you know. Most people appreciate over the shoulder training.

In the next chapter we will discuss the mindset you need to become a successful online coach…

People often think that they need some special “insider knowledge” to become a successful and profitable online coach. This is not the case. What you do need is the right mindset to make a success out of online coaching.

You need to have the right plan and take the right action. Assuming that you are providing effective coaching sessions for your clients this is all that you need. If you were to analyze a successful online coach you would find that they have the following traits:

• They are confident
• They have clarity
• They have a mentality of abundance
• They are always positive

Basically successful online coaches have a magnetic personality. People are easily drawn to them and look forward to their coaching sessions with them. Take a look at Tony Robbins for example. He has to be one of the most successful coaches of all time. So many people like him because of his magnetic personality. He started life as a janitor!

Unfortunately there are a number of online coaches that do not succeed. This is because they do not have the right mindset for success. They do not exude confidence and as a result they take the wrong action. Clients are not confident in their ability to deliver what they need.

These coaches may be total experts in their niche. But this is not enough. If they do not have the right mindset to wow their clients then they are going to struggle. Successful online coaches never appear desperate for business (even if they are). They are always certain that they can get the right result for their clients.

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