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Table of Contents

Chapter 1:
What is Hypnotherapy
Chapter 2:
Kinds of Hypnotherapy
Chapter 3:
How To Manage Weight Loss With Hypnotherapy
Chapter 4:
How To Stop Smoking And Other Bad Habits With Hypnotherapy
Chapter 5:
You Can Control Diabetes With Hypnotherapy
Chapter 6:
Learn To Control Stress With Hypnotherapy
Chapter 7:
Hypnosis To Remedy Fertility Issues
Chapter 8:
Heal Relationships With Hypnotherapy
Chapter 9:
Self Image Healing With Hypnotherapy
Chapter 10:
The Repercussions To Not Taking Charge Of Your Life
Wrapping Up

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We all recognize that the body requires the correct vitamins and minerals to maintain wellness. All the same, there’s one other vital part of the picture that’s frequently missed.

Your immune system and healing mechanism requires rest and positive expectation to work at their best.

Engaging in hypnosis whilst your body is mending itself will:

Supply regular, deep, rejuvenating relaxation to refresh your mind and body
Supply optimum conditions for your immune system to work with efficiency
Provide you positive suggestions and healing mental imagery
Provide you a break from the stress of illness
Make you feel better if you feel sick, tired or run-down

Hypnosis shouldn’t be used as a substitution for appropriate medical intervention, but rather as part of a full recovery program.

Complete the picture and provide your body and mind what they require to heal best.

Hypnotherapy Healing

Heal Yourself And Take Charge Of Your Life With Hypnotherapy

Chapter 1:

What is Hypnotherapy


Loosely explained, hypnotherapy is an exercise of therapy which induces a deep relaxation state of body and mind and then uses this state of mind to introduce ideas or images into the consciousness.
This is also referred to as being in a deep trance like state or deep “sleep”. This deeply focused state is unusually responsive to an idea or image in its otherwise contrary form. However it is not possible to take control of the individual’s mind and free will at any given time.

The Fundamentals

A hypnotherapist can actually teach or assist a person on the fundamentals of how to master their own state of awareness, so that the individual can then affect their own functions and psychological responses.

Thoughts and feelings are usually associated with the responses remembered and learnt as a result of a particular event. These are then stored in the brain, only to be repeated automatically when the identical or similar scenario presents itself.

Hypnotherapy is an exercise which can manipulate these thoughts by adding or suggesting a different response to the event. All this has to be done on an individual in a deep state of relaxation or trance.
This is a very useful tool, when an individual has gone through a very traumatic experience and is unable to get over it. It also helps to separate and change perceptions of things and people, while separating the memory from the information linked to it. This is then replaced with healthier thoughts and feelings as opposed to the original negative ones.

In most legitimate hypnotherapy sessions the body is brought to a relaxed state and the thoughts become more focused. Certain changes in the brain wave activities occur during this state of hypnotically induced trance. Though now fully relaxed physically, the state of the mind is fully alert and highly responsive to suggestions and ideas. It should be notes that some people respond better and faster to hypnotic suggestions than others.

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