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What Can You Grow in a Small Space?

Want to garden but not sure you have enough space to grow the fruits, vegetables, and herbs that you’re interested in? There’s a growing trend toward what’s called “small space gardening.” This is a type of gardening that maximizes both gardening technologies and design to generate the most produce in the least amount of space.

It incorporates everything from a small windowsill herb garden to a raised garden bed on your back porch. You can grow amazing fruits and vegetables in containers on an apartment patio or build a vertical garden and grow a variety of herbs and vegetables. You’ll be quite surprised at what you can grow in a small space.

On the Vine

Any vegetable or fruit that grows on a vine like tomatoes, beans, and even grapes can be grown in a vertical garden. Squash and zucchini along with watermelon and cucumbers all enjoy climbing up a structure.

You can plant them in a small raised garden bed that you build, or you can plant them in containers. The key to success here is to give them something to climb so they don’t grow horizontally and take up space.

In Small Containers

Any herb can grow in a small container. The plant will tend to grow to the size of the pot, which means you can keep them in tiny containers on your windowsill, in a flower box outside, or in larger planters.

Other fruits and vegetables that grow well in containers include peppers, tomatoes, strawberries, and even blueberries and raspberries. Tomatoes can be grown in containers as long as they’re provided with a cage or a means to grow vertically and have their branches supported.

In a Raised Garden Bed

The ideal size for a raised garden bed is four feet across and four to six feet long. The narrow width means that you can kneel on one side and reach the plants on the other size. It’s also appropriate for small yards and patios.

The good news is that you can grow just about anything in a raised garden bed. From carrots and garlic to asparagus, Brussels sprouts and celery – you’re only limited by your personal preferences. Keep in mind that to maximize space you’ll want to provide a vertical growing structure for any plants that tend to vine or need a lot of space.

If you’re using a raised garden bed, consider embracing the practice of square foot gardening where you can pack as much produce as possible into your small space. We’ll take a look at square foot gardening next.

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