Search Engine Optimization Strategies Part Two Plr Ebook

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Chapter 1:
Indexing/Link Building Techniques-Blogging and RSS

Chapter 2:
Indexing/Link Building Techniques-Pinging

Chapter 3:
Indexing/Link Building Techniques-PPC

Chapter 4:
Indexing/Link Building Techniques- Social Bookmarking

Chapter 5:
Indexing/Link Building Techniques- Articles

Chapter 6:
Indexing/Link Building Techniques- Press Release

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Chapter 3: Indexing/Link Building Techniques-PPC


PPC as you know is where you pay the search engines a fee each time somebody clicks your ad and brings a potential customer to your web site. While this is great to advertise with (not awesome), it’s a great way to get a fresh web site indexed rapidly.

Pay Per Click

If you’ve utilized Adwords in the last few years you will understand that clicks may easily be a couple of dollars apiece. For the more competitory niches clicks may be hundreds of dollars. Who would ever pay that for one click is beyond me, unless a major corporation is doing something.

For the aim of indexing though it doesn’t truly matter if you have to pay say $5.00 for a click as you only need one click to your ad for this little magic trick to work. There’s a list of great PPC sites below however first let me explain how this works if you haven’t already garnered that by now.

Let’s suppose you are kicking upstairs “auto insurance in Phoenix, Arizona”. Really quick though, that example niche is an awesome illustration of a long tail keyword. It’s really to the point and not across-the-board at all. Anyways, back to what I was talking about.

What you wish to do is produce a PPC campaign at any of the PPC sites listed below or anyplace. Bid as high or low as you wish as we’re not concerned with the caliber of the visit. We simply require a visit from an outside source.

Watch the campaign cautiously. If the keyword price is pretty depressed then by all means spend a couple of clams acquiring a few clicks. When the search engines discover these clicks they think they’re of high quality and interesting as they’re being sent to you by their own site, the search engine. The search engines aren’t bright enough to understand what is really going on. There’s nothing illegal or anything about this exercise.

It’s not the speediest way to get indexed but it will get you indexed much speedier than simply placing your site or page up and waiting indexing. In my own experience this technique takes a couple of days at most and is directly associated to having your web site advertised on the search engine.

The search engines aren’t being decent to you as you advertised, they’re simply seeing somebody searching for something and then seeing your web site appear. It doesn’t know if your web site is “by nature” in the site or a “pay for placement” listing.

Recall I told you search engines like popular sites, if somebody searches and discoveries you it believes your web site is popular and you simply got a huge jump start on the entire procedure. In essence and many times in actuality you are able to pay a couple of cents to get indexed. If you are able to get merely one of the keywords you wish to rank for, for a couple of cents a click say $0.10 (10 cents and I know this is occasionally rare but bare with me) you may achieve 100 visits to your web site.

This is good in 2 ways. You have a hundred real visitors who are really interested in your web site and they might purchase whatever you’re selling but likewise you have a hundred visits to your web site that the search engines are going to see.

If you simply place the page up and did the PPC ad not long after that the search engines will see your site as pretty popular. It might only be popular on one web site but who cares, it’s a beginning and the engines feed off of one another.

To put this tactic in to use, listed below are a fistful of beneficial PPC sites:

• Miva


• Marchex

• Google

As with anything on the net there are tons of pay-per-click sites and services also. Ask around, see what others are utilizing and simply make certain the PPC site is legit.

Remember the chief focus of this isn’t choice visitors, simply plain old visitors. While it’s great to get visitors who require what you’re giving them, we simply want the search engines to see that individuals are searching, discovering you and visiting you. The popularity competition is ceaseless.

Chapter 4: Indexing/Link Building Techniques- Social Bookmarking


The birth and boom of Social Bookmarking is moderately fresh but so is its effect on Link building which is in the final analysis plays a big role in either getting indexed or sustaining your status with the search engine(s).

Social Bookmarking web sites are a sort of net community. Members of the SB (Social Bookmarking) web sites have the power and authority to recommend and or vote on sites that are put forward by other users of the community.

Social Sites

They’re essentially a search engine but the sites that come up in its Index (yes, it’s really similar to a “plain old” search engines”) or directory are handpicked from a lot of submissions and or advocated by additional users of the community.

Google and most additional huge search engines hold SB sites on a whole other level.

They greatly regard and value what the SB sites think or simply list. As Google pays attention to what the SB sites are up to as far as the listings go, all you require is a single link from a SB site and you’re gold in Google’s eyes.

Social Bookmarking sites let their users (you) “tag” the submissions. Tags are essentially keywords for your submission. You ought to attempt and utilize the same keywords you utilized in your META tags for your SB submissions.

All you have to carry out is submit your web site to one or several of the Social Bookmarking web sites to get indexed rapidly. No one has to vote or advocate your web site, the SB site simply has to recognize it and really quickly the search engines will recognize it as well.

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