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Part 1- Getting Started In Genealogy – (321 Words)
Part 2- Your Family: A Great Source For Genealogy Research – (337 Words)
Part 3- Finding Sources For Genealogy Research – (342 Words)
Part 4- Taking Genealogy Research Further – (334 Words)
Part 5- Preserving Your Genealogy Research – (328 Words)

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Once you begin working on your past, it is likely to become something that is amazingly interesting.  Your first thing will be to talk to your family and friends to gather the information that you need.  There is little doubt that this is the richest place to begin your search for your family’s history.  But, often, most people do not know what to do once they hit that fork in the road.  What do they do once they get past the point of what their family can tell them?  This is where you need to be as creative as you can be.

One thing you will want to do is to tap into the options that are offered to you on the web.  For example, if you learn that your father’s grandfather served in the military, you may be able to find information based on this on the web.  You may be able to tap into old military records or even find information about something that he did heroically.  Do this for all those that you have learned a little about.  A little can provide much more down the road.

Once you begin researching the people that you have found, you may begin to stumble on information.  If you find a grave marker, for example, you may be able to understand who this member’s of your family’s parents were.  This will give you yet another piece in the puzzle.  Going back through time can provide you with so much information like this.  Small pieces begin to open up the puzzle of your genealogy.  And, with each piece to the puzzle, you will likely become more and more intrigued by what it has to offer you.  There are many ways that you can continue your search and it may be that information just seems to fall into your lap.  Keep working at it and you will soon discover all that you need to know.

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