Saying Goodbye – Coping With Death Plr Ebook

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About Death and Dying
End of Life Care
Hospice Care
Refusing Treatment
When Is An Autopsy Necessary
Organ Donation
Funerals and Memorial Services
The Business Side of Death
Life Insurance
Social Security and Employers
About the Law
Death, Culture and Ethnicity
How to Prepare a Will
Long Term Considerations

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About Death and Dying

We all die. That is the reality of life, as harsh as this may sound to some people. The more we accept and understand death, the more we cherish our lives. At least, that’s how some people perceive life and death. It does make sense. We cannot stop death from happening, but there are ways we can live longer. Eating the right food, staying away from bad influences, and keeping yourself safe from the various dangers we encounter in this world we live in are just a few things that we can do to extend our lives.

Understanding death can help us prepare. Medically speaking, death comes in various types. But basically, we die when our brain dies. The heart might stop beating but can be restarted to pump blood again. But the death of the brain signals the end of life. You know that the brain controls basically everything that happens in your body. We talk, walk, dance, see, think, eat, and drink because of the brain. That’s why damaging the brain can greatly affect our lives. Our brain can be injured by receiving sudden trauma, bleeding, infections and diseases, or because the brain does not receive enough oxygen. Injuries can cause the brain to swell and since it is inside the skull, the swelling is being restricted causing pressure to build up which can damage the brain tissues. Having a long lapse of oxygen supply can also destroy brain cells and tissues resulting in a damaged brain, or worse, brain death.

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