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Table of Contents

Introduction 5
Purifying Plant #1: Pothos 8
Purifying Plant #2: Dwarf Date Palm 11
Purifying Plant #3: Peace Lily 14
Purifying Plant #4: Philodendron 16
Purifying Plant #5: Spider Plant 19
Purifying Plant #6: Chrysanthemums 21
Purifying Plant #7: Rubber Plant 23
Purifying Plant #8: Boston Fern 26
Purifying Plant #9: Areca Palm 28
Purifying Plant #10: Dracaena 31
Bonus Tips 34
Conclusion 39
Resources 43

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Houseplants are a valuable addition to any room. They bring a vibrant beauty inside and create a natural oasis inside your home. They liven up a dull corner or window. The right plant can be a fantastic accent piece, whether it’s a hanging fern or a tall palm tree. And of course, they help create fresher air for you and your family.

One of these wonderful plants is known as Pothos (otherwise known as Golden Pothos or Devil’s Ivy).

Pothos is one of the easiest houseplants to keep alive. It’s a tropical plant, so it likes the warmth of an indoor setting. It’s a trailing vine with heart-shaped leaves and can grow up to six to ten feet in length.

Pothos will tolerate low light and humidity, so it’s pretty easy to satisfy this plant and maintain it. However, for a healthier growth, give it bright (but not direct) sunlight and allow the soil to dry out between waterings.

In addition, you’ll want to choose a well-draining potting soil. If your Pothos has pale leaves, it’s probably getting too much sun, whereas if you start to notice the appearance of differently colored zones within the leaves, it means it’s getting too little.

If it starts getting a little leggy, just prune it back to shape it and control the length.

Note: Pothos and philodendron plants are often confused. Pothos stems are grooved, while philodendron stems aren’t. New philodendron leaves have a sheath that dries and falls off; pothos doesn’t have this sheath.

Pothos also like brighter light and warmer temperatures than philodendrons. You’ll often see pothos sold in hanging baskets.

Tip: They aren’t heavy feeders, so fertilize monthly to bi-monthly during the growing season.

Because it removes toxins like formaldehyde and benzene, commonly found in fresh paint, you often see this plant in offices or living rooms. However, it also absorbs carbon monoxide, so it’s a good choice for a bedroom as well.

And Pothos also absorbs xylene and trichloroethylene.

Word of Caution: This plant causes oral irritation and difficulty swallowing in pets, so make sure your dog or cat doesn’t chew on the leaves or stems.

Purifying Plant #2: Dwarf Date Palm

The pygmy date palm is a member of family Arecacea, an enormous group with over 2,600 species growing in tropical and sub-tropical zones of the world.

This particular type is called the date palm because the small yellow flowers on the female trees give way to purplish dates once fertilized.

Palms have numerous graceful arching frond-like leaves that branch directly from the trunk and the dwarf or pygmy variety can reach a height of six to ten feet.

In the wild (Southeast Asia and Africa), they grow in the dense underbrush along riverbanks, in full sun to partial shade. They don’t like a whole lot of direct sunlight, but a little will be all it needs.

Tip: Try a south- or east-facing window.

Your palm will want plenty of water so plant it in sandy, well-drained soil and keep a regular watering schedule.

Further, Date palms prefer temperatures above 50 degrees F (up to 75 degrees) so keep them away from cold drafts during Winter.

It’s easy to keep a pygmy palm tree pruned, too – just snip off the dry or damaged fronds at the trunk. They’re slow growers, so have patience and you’ll have a full-sized tree in no time.

However, if you see chlorotic or spotted fronds, your palm likely needs a good dose of magnesium or potassium. Feed your palm with a slow-release granular fertilizer only while it’s actively growing.

Palm trees remove xylene and formaldehyde, so they’re good for a freshly painted or refurbished room, an office or living room!

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