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Pre-paid Cell Phones 3
Benefits of Pre-paid Service 3
Tracfone Pre-paid Wireless Service 5
Text Messaging 5
Useage Rates 6
Coverage 7
Net10 Pre-paid Wireless Service 8
Useage Rates 8
Text Messaging 8
Coverage 9
AT&T GoPhone Pre-paid Plan 10
2 Plan Options 10
Usage Rates 11
GoPhones Available 12
Virgin Mobile Pre-paid Wireless Service 13
Types of Service 13
Phone Models 14
T-Mobile Pre-paid Wireless Service 16
Service Rates 16
Phone Models Available 16
Verizon Pre-paid Wireless Service 18
2 Pre-paid Service Options 18
Phones available for INPulse 18
The Easy Pay Plan 18
Phones available for Easy Pay Plan 19
Boost Mobile Pre-Paid Wireless Service 21
2 Pre-paid Services Available: 21
Phone Models Available 22
Coverage 22

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Pre-paid Cell Phones

There was a time when choosing a cell phone meant deciding on what

phone, the plan rate, and how long you were willing to commit yourself to use the service. This was usually 2 yrs, on the average, and most people hated it.

One of the things people hate most about those type of plans is, if you want to get a different phone, you also have to sign a new contract. For a long time, there were only a couple of providers who offered the pre-paid cell phone service. But now, virtually all the big name wireless providers offer some sort of pre-paid (pay as you go) service option!

Is a pre-paid cell phone right for you? Before deciding, you must consider how you will use the phone, and see if will fit your needs. Some of the benefits of a pre-paid cell phone service are:

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