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Table of Contents

Chapter 1 – Locating Trends. 4
What’s Hot Online Changes At Light Speed .. 4
Vision And Planning Can Put You On Top ….. 5
Planning Pays Big Dividends ……. 6
One Hour A Day Can Make It Pay . 7
Getting Organized From The Get Go ….. 8
Tools You Will Need ….. 9
The FireFox Web Browser: ….. 9
Free Service Account’s and Tools You Will Need .. 9
A “My GOOGLE” Account: … 9
Login Database Tool …… 10
Use Gmail for all Your Hot Trends Projects E-mail …… 11
Organizing Your Trends System . 11
Browser Set Up .. 13
Setting Up FireFox 13
SEO for FireFox Add On ……. 13
Google Tool Bar for FireFox Add On … 13
Don’t Get Carried Away 13
Now Set Up Your Bookmarks Toolbar . 14
Hot Trends ….. 16
Insights … 16
Checkout Trends …. 16
Google Sets …. 16
Google Alerts . 16
Loading Your Blogger Tab .. 17
Staying Organized …… 18
Always Be Prepared To Take Advantage …. 19
It’s More Than Just Record Keeping … 20
Chapter 3 – Using Google … 22
What Are Hot Trends? 22
Chapter 4 – Research .. 25
Picking A Hot Trend … 25
How HOT is the trend? .. 25
When or If the Trend has Peaked … 25
Can It be Monetized? ….. 26
How long is the hot trend likely to stay hot … 26
Researching Hot Trends Attitude ……. 28
How You’ll Make Money with Your Hot Trend Blog ….. 29
Pay Per Click Systems 30
Ebay … 31
Other Affiliate Programs …. 32
Blogging A Hot Trend . 36
Hot Trend Blog Content …… 37
Your Blog Post – Entering Your Post …. 38
Nothing Fancy……. 40
Setting Up PPC And More … 41

Sample Content Preview

Obviously this timeline is a approximation and some steps will take a little longer and some a shorter amount of time. There are a number of variables that will come into play with each hot trend you decide you might profit from.

Just as obviously, in the beginning you will certainly take more than an hour to feed a hot trend into your system, but based on my experience I believe you can get your hot trends into your system in about and hour by the time you have done 4 or 5 hot trends. Set yourself a goal of being able to do it in an hour. If you always take longer, say an hour and a half or even two hours, you can still see a profitable return for your time spent.

One of the variables that will have a definite affect on your project completion time is the type of trend it is and whether or not you incorporate some of the optional or alternate promotion methods or strategies. That will depend largely on what you estimate the potential life of a hot trend to be.

Regardless of whether your research to deployment takes you one hour or more, having the tools in place to organize your system in one place will help you to cover the necessary steps in as little time as possible.

Getting Organized From The Get Go

As with any marketing system there are certain things you need to have in place so your campaign can be built and launched in as timely a manner as possible. The less time you have to spend on getting your campaign launch ready, the more time you will have to spend on other money making efforts and therefore more potential return on the time invested.

Any tool that can help you to organize your hot trend profit system campaigns will ultimately save you time. Your time is worth money. So lets save some money so more of what we make is profit.

All of the organizational tools you will need for your hot trends profit system are available online as free downloads or free web based services where you just need to sign up for an account.

Below are links to the free downloads you will need to build your system. If you already have some of these programs in place that’s good. You may be able to use them as is or you may want to set them up separate from your current software in your program files in a different directory. This first list is software. The second list down will be free web services.

Tools You Will Need

The FireFox Web Browser:

We will be using Mozilla’s FireFox Browser for a number of reasons including it is more secure than I.E. but more so because of it’s plugin Addons that will help you organize your system with blazing speed.

If you don’t already have FireFox running on your computer, you can download it here: click on the big green download button and save it to a folder you will or have named: @ProfitTrendsSoftware – the @ sign will move the folder alphabetically to the top and make it easier to get to when we start setting up your programs. WARNING: DO NOT SET THIS UP until you get to the “It’s All Browser Based” section of Chapter 3 Free Service Account’s and Tools You Will Need A “My GOOGLE” Account:

If you already have a GOOGLE account, you will want to set up another one just for your hot trends projects. If you already have an account, you will need to sign up with a different e-mail address. Even if you have a Gmail account set up you should set up a new Gmail account. The purpose being you want to keep everything in this account separate from any other information you store online. It is cleaner and easier that way.

Just go to: and sign up. You will be sent information at your Gmail account (If you already have an account) or your alternate e-mail account. NOTE: from time to time GOOGLE changes their mode of operations as far as these sign ups go so you may have to use a little common sense to read between their lines to get a new account.

Most of the tools you will use with this system will be from GOOGLE. To access any of the tools referred to from here on, (Before you bookmark them), just sign into your Google account home page and click on the tool icon of the tool you want to work with. You can also reach your account home page by using this link:

Login Database Tool You will be required to enter a username and password when you sign up. You will be signing up for several free services. If you don’t have a login info database like RoboForm you need to get one. It will save you untold frustration, time and probably your sanity. You can get it here: there is a free version but it only holds login information for 10 logins. You’ll need far more than that. In a perfect world you could just use the same username and password for all accounts but that’s just not the way it works online. Some will assign your a password. Some will want a user name, some will use your e-mail address as your username. Login Database Tool – A Free Option: You can use the “AllPass” database for login info. You can get it here: It is by no means the user friendly, feature rich and powerful of a tool that RoboForm is, but you can get by with it for now.

There are numerous tools from GOOGLE you will use when we get into setting up your system. When you are logged into your Google account, all Google tools will be available through the same account and you should not be required to login to use any Google tool unless you have logged out. The only services that run contrary to that rule are AdSense and Adwords.

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