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Table of Contents

Chapter 1:
Polarity Therapy Basics
Chapter 2:
Body Work
Chapter 3:
Stress Reduction
Chapter 4:
Energetic Foods
Chapter 5:
Chapter 6:
Oval Fields
Chapter 7:
What Happens in a Session?
Chapter 8:
Polarity Events
Chapter 9:
Selecting the Right Program
Chapter 10:
Benefits of Polarity Therapy

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Chapter 3: Stress Reduction


Stress may be considered as any chemical, physical, or emotional factor that causes mental or bodily unrest, and that may be a factor in causing various diseases. According to experts, complete elimination of stress is too impossible. But, you can find ways on how to reduce it.

The following are some ways to reduce stress:

Stress and Its Symptoms

Stress is the strain or tension felt when you are put under pressure. It may be experienced when you feel you have lots of things to do, money problems, ill health, relationship problems and a lot more.
The human’s life would be very tedious without a little stress. But, too much stress can harm your personal relationships, health and work. If you have stress, your sympathetic nervous system switches into flight mode. Thus, hormones begin to respond and your body starts to experience a host of hypersensitive and physical effects.

Here are the common symptoms of stress:

Heart Palpitations
Muscle Tension
Weight loss or gain
Sweaty palms
Difficulty in digestions
Fail to concentrate and a lot more

In short, if you are suffering from stress, your body gets ready for war against any enemy that does not actually exist. This shuts down your immunity and overall organ function.

In relation to stress reduction, polarity therapy is often used by most experts. The main question is, can polarity therapy reduce stress, decrease depression and promote a healthy life? The answer is YES!

How Polarity Therapy Reduces Stress?

At present, stress and other stress-related illnesses have reached epidemic proportions. According to experts, stress alone causes various workers to stop from working. This disease is also considered as the silent killer.

To relieve stress, polarity therapy helps people in identifying where the stress is located in the body. Though it will not literally identify the stress holding patterns, this therapy will educate the body in returning to balance before it becomes a severe physical and health issue.

Polarity therapy refurbishes the body to its usual therapeutic process. This physically and emotionally balances the body, avoiding stress from manifesting itself physically as disease, injury or condition. Since this therapy can trace the stress holding patterns in the body, experts can easily correct energetic imbalances, removing any physical symptoms of stress and reducing the body’s risk of improving any state of disease.

Polarity specialists claim that this therapy may relieve stress through the following:

Sustaining the natural detoxification process of the body by motivating the fluids of the body, including lymph, blood, glandular secretions and other toxic wastes.
Eliminating tension and boosting muscular response, reducing muscle fatigue and developing connective tissue elasticity.
Bringing back the balance to reflexes and rebalancing energy needed for vital organ functioning
Stimulating neural activity and bringing back the central and peripheral nervous systems

With various benefits of polarity therapy, more and more people desire to undergo this medication. They want this therapy not only to remove their stress or tension, but also to ensure that their body is in good condition at all times.

Chapter 4: Energetic Foods


Food is considered as a fuel in your body. A healthy diet offers all the vitamins, nutrients, minerals, energy boost and antioxidants your body needs to stay active. A well-built metabolism burns fuel effectively, thus, you have to avoid extra pounds.

The following are some foods to energize the body:

Top Energetic Foods You Shouldn’t Miss to Know

There are various energetic foods you need to consume. For your guide, here some of them:

Carbohydrates: They are the macronutrients essential for survival. The “bad carbs” are stripped of nutrients and fibers while “good carbs” come from fresh fruits, beans and vegetables.
Proteins: These energetic foods come from vegetable and animal sources. Lean poultry and fish are heart-healthy because fish oils contain essential omega-3 fatty acids.
Fats: You need fat to transmit energy to cells and store nutrients. They also make hormones and manage inflammation. Trans fats, on the other hand, are hydrogenated processed fats and thus, they do nothing to enhance good health.
Super-Energy Foods: Experts claim that green tea and apple are loaded with healthy nutrients. If you keep on consuming these foods, you can enhance your body and protect from any disease.
Polarity Therapy and Energetic Foods

Polarity therapists identify that the life force cannot flow entirely through a toxic and congested body. So, they highly recommend their clients to follow a simple cleaning regime or purifying diet.

When you heard about diet, you may think that you have to starve and refrain from eating. This perception is not right. Experts say that you have to monitor your diet to improve your overall body condition. It means that you need to consume vegetables, fruits, soups and herbal teas every day.

There are two purpose of healthy diet, namely:

1. Eliminates any destructive products that have formulated inside the body due to poor quality digestion

2. Provides the body with good and healthy nutrition for rebuilding damage tissue

In relation to polarity therapy, an expert suggests modifications to a client’s diet. This can help in supporting the energy balancing done during the body work session.

When it comes to healing, it is the vital energy which keeps the psyche and body alive. There are two places you can get the vital energy – through breathing or food consumption. When faced with diseases, you may be regularly suggested an adjustment in diet and energetic movement with vigorous breathing. The transformation in food consumption often included the following:

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