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Table of Contents

Chapter 1:
Can You Be Realistic
Chapter 2:
Can You Write Interesting Content
Chapter 3:
Are You A Great Networker
Chapter 4:
Do You Have Critical Thinking Skills
Chapter 5:
Do You Have Research Skills
Chapter 6:
Can You Speak In Public
Chapter 7:
Can You Provide Great Customer Service
Chapter 8:
Can You Relax

Sample Content Preview

Chapter 2:

Can You Write Interesting Content

So you’ve initiated a blog. Congratulations! The following step is to see to it that you’re filling your little corner of the Net with good quality composition.

Good Content

1st things 1st: write on subjects that you’re interested and well-educated about. No one wants tips, ideas, or advice from somebody who doesn’t know what they’re babbling about!

Utilize lots and lots of quality graphics. Take your own pics and upload them, or buy pics from a stock photography web site. Graphics add a layer of beauty and detail that words may occasionally not express. Particularly if you’re writing a “how to” article – graphics are very crucial.

Furnish links. If there are web sites that may further expand what you’re discussing, or that are relevant to what you’re writing on….your readers will probably be interested in them. Make it simple for your subscribers to learn from you. Don’t be afraid to “send them away” by furnishing a link. They’ll remember who sent them to all that good info, and will return for more.

Provide useful data. Many bloggers make the error of going on and on day in day out about how cute their youngsters are, what tricks their dog learned lately, or how hard it is to be single and discover the perfect mate. In my blogging experience, the posts that truly bring individuals back are posts that are of value to them. Readers like to find out something new. Attempt spattering some recipes, craft tips, or home improvement ideas in among the updates about the youngsters and Fido.

Discover (and utilize!) your own writing “voice”. You’ve a unique tale to tell and an unparalleled way of telling it. Don’t attempt to be somebody you’re not! Readers will get it very quickly that you’re putting on a show, and you’ll get burnt-out trying so heavily to impress.

Utilize correct grammar and always spell check your post before pushing that “Publish” button. Please. It’s very difficult two read when somebody wrote something that’s full of mistakes.

Lastly, have fun! If you’re enjoying yourself, that sense of fun will break through and your readers will have fun also.

Chapter 3:

Are You A Great Networker

We all know individuals who may effortlessly walk into a room full of individuals and ‘work the room’ without an issue. Not you? How come? Uncomfortable, you state. Not truly, it’s a skill, just like any other skill it takes time to acquire and when it gets to be ‘2nd nature’ it looks as natural as it can be. However those ‘natural networkers’ weren’t born that way. So what does it call for?


I’ve discovered over time, that business is gained, not because of the citation or proposal or gaudy presentation but because individuals have gotten comfy with the business person, learned to believe them and then trust them.

They place themselves into social, networking spots to meet individuals who at onetime, might have a need for what they do.

The hardest part is getting individuals out of their comfort zone to contact strangers. Once you recognize that the goal is to meet individuals who might have an issue that your professional services may resolve you are able to center on just ‘meeting individuals’. The event isn’t to get a client or buyer today.

Ready yourself with something to say to everybody you come across. For example, “Hi, I’m ___________________, I see your name is _____________ (everybody has a nametag on). I love to find out what individuals do, so what do you do? I might know somebody who has a demand for your services.”

Individuals love to discuss what they do, and now the pressure is off of you, till they ask you “What do you do?” Simply tell them. Now you’re intermeshed in a conversation.

Spending the total evening with 1 individual isn’t necessarily making beneficial use of your time. Give yourself a time limit of five -ten minutes with each individual. Then state, ‘pardon me, I see somebody who I haven’t seen in a long time”. Gather up their business card before you walk over to somebody who isn’t intermeshed in a conversation and begin again. “Hi, I’m ___________________”. That individual is just as uncomfortable as you and you are able to help him.

At the finish of the evening count how many new individuals you’ve met and business cards picked up. Follow through the next day with a short e-mail telling them how nice it was to meet them and hear about what they do.

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