Podcasting: Building A Successful Podcasting Business Plr Ebook

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Table of Contents

The Essential Planning Stage 4
Podcast Preparations: 4
Here is an example script 5
How To Become A Podcaster 6
Podcaster Essentials: 8
How To Be A Professional 9
It is quite easy to podcast; 10
The Development Of Your Podcast 12
Keep It Going 14
Grow, Grow, Grow 15
Your Own Studio 19
Setup Sites: 20
Sites For Serving Your Audio 22
Getting People To Listen 28
Your Sig File (Forums) 28
Locate Social Groups 29
Your Sig File (eMail) 31
Backlinks 32
Article Marketing 32
Submitting Press Releases 34
Submitting To Blog Directories 34
Visiting Other Blogs And Commenting 35
Find Other Bloggers With Similar Interests 35
Tools Of The Trade 38
Forums on Podcasting 38
Using RSS For Wider Distribution 46
Other Blogging Options 48

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The Essential Planning Stage

This section is going to go over all the basics of coming up with a great podcast idea, how to create it and a ton of simple things you can do to produce your first podcast.

Don’t worry, this whole course was created around the premise that you aren’t a computer programmer or “techno geek” and will be very easy to understand.

In a moment you’ll get a chance to do your very first podcast. It’s easy. It’s free. And it should take less than 10 minutes (although your actual podcast will only take about five minutes).

As you read through this book you will discover that content is a vital to finding and keeping subscribers. So before you began your first podcast, start out on the right foot by creating good content. While some podcasts have fancy sounds and a witty host and guests, your initial podcast will just be you but it will still be posted on the Internet, so you want to make a good quality podcast, especially if you fall in love with podcasting and want to continue.

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