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Table Of Contents


Chapter 1: Introduction

Chapter 2: Types of outdoor adventures

Chapter 3: The tips and secrets to enjoying outdoor adventures

Chapter 4: The best strategies to perfect outdoor adventures

Chapter 5: The secrets for a successful adventure

Chapter 6: The characteristics of a good outdoor adventure

Chapter 7: The soft skills for outdoor enjoyment

Chapter 8: The hard skills required for outdoor adventure

Chapter 9: How to improve the outdoor skills

Wrapping Up: The Do’s and Don’ts in outdoor adventure

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Chapter 7:

The soft skills for outdoor enjoyment


You have probably only heard about soft skills from job hunters and seekers. These skills are apparently crucial when it comes to outdoor enjoyment. Especially when you go to an outdoor expedition where several other people are present, things may sometimes get out of hand.

The values, behaviors, emotional reactions and habits you have inculcated can be of great importance in ensuring your outdoor experience is the best. The following set of soft skills is very important if you want to enjoy your outdoor adventures.


Good communication skills

Communication defines everything we do and how we relate. In fact, it is the heart and soul of everything we do such that without it, nothing would be done. When you’re outdoors; more so, if you’re in a position of influence (a leader), you need the strongest communication skills you can summon. The more an effective communicator you are, the better it is for you and your entire enjoyment. Strong communication skills will also reduce misunderstanding in the adventure, leaving room only for co-existence.

Problem solving skills

These are the skills you should never leave at home when going for an outdoor adventure. This is because when you go out there, chances are, you will face problems. In fact, many problems will arise out there and they need to be solved immediately. In an environment where decisions have to be made faster and could be costly if made wrongly, you must appreciate their importance as you go out there.


Not everyone is efficient and more so, when you’re out there, the rules of the jungle are at play. Sometimes, it’s everyone for themselves, a fact you must appreciate. When the rules of the jungle apply and you’re in a group, a number of your people will not be as capable as you. People collapsing, getting injured, drowning, getting attacked by wild animals or pricked by twigs is common. You need to be in a position to show these people a level of understanding and empathy when predicaments strike.


If you’ve attended any career fair or event, you must agree that this is one of the pillars most coaches rumble about with no end. In the outdoors environment, you must adapt or fail to survive. This doesn’t mean going mountain climbing in a light vest alone. You have to be prepared to face the challenges you’re likely to face. This only works to fasten your adaptability.

Social skills

Some of your truest friends will be people you met in your most natural element. When you go for an outdoor adventure, the opportunity is the best you can find. You need to have good social skills that will enable you learn about others, get along and contribute to others’ courses.

Chapter 8:

The hard skills required for outdoor adventure


You are passionate about outdoors but you lack the necessary basic skills required to guarantee you adventurous outdoor event. For some reason, you want this outdoor event to be perfect but you don’t know how to go about learning the skills required for you to be a pro in outdoor events. Going for an outdoor adventure minus the basic skills can be devastating, but this should not discourage you because here are tips to improve on your outdoor skills.

Equipment preparation

In outdoor events, the use of equipment is always necessary and for that matter, skill in their preparation. For you to acquire skills in outdoors, you need to first give up on some comforts and go about it primitively. This can either be in tent making where you have to use tree branches and leaves to make shelter that can stand against strong wind and sometimes rainfall.

Equipment like compasses and maps always come in handy when navigating and skill is required in interpreting them to avoid mishaps like getting lost. Knowing about direction and being able to interpret it on the map is the skill required.

Fire making

No outdoor event can easily pass without the mention of the word fire .This events sometimes expose you to situations that may require you to the use not just imagination but skill in the field. Skills like fire making can be learned and mastered with time but their necessity before an outdoor event is wanting.

Matchboxes are always not available and you may be required to explore alternatives like rubbing dry wood together to create fire which is an ancient skill but useful in outdoors events.
Water purification Water is the most basic commodities for you, and having it clean not only guarantees you health benefits but also your survival. Though water is easily available in areas where outdoor events take place, having it clean is what calls for skill in purification.

The need for clean water may drive you to practice techniques like boiling water which are rarely practiced in current society.


This is a skill whereby you use clay to make utensils for your daily use. You may wonder why go through all this when you can easily buy utensils? The answer would lie in the desire for you to have a memorable outdoor experience. The idea of you being primitive adds thrill to the experience hence promoting perfect outdoor adventure.

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