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Table of Contents

Chapter 1. An Introduction
* There isn’t just one way to do business
* Most readers won’t like this part
* What it feels like to launch a successful product
* Final words before we get started
Chapter 2. Action Tips
* Why not go right now?
* Step by step, one at a time
* I’m sticking with you
* Feeling fatigued & increasing your efficiency
* Have fun & the quality of your work
* Increasing your productivity by working at work
* Making contacts & putting yourself around
* How to be lazy and still prosper
* Increasing your productivity 2
* Multi-screening
* Structuring your business for success
* Act and you will become
Chapter 3. Backend Tips
* An overview of the importance of backend sales
* Separating your customers into groups
* The lazy way to implement backend sales
* Don’t miss out – the stages & product roles
Chapter 4. Joint Venture Tips
* Subscribe to what?
* Don’t bundle the big names
* The all-important connection
* The follow-up
* Looking to your future
* You have something to offer
* It’s just business
Chapter 5. List Building Tips
* Taking action? Jointing a list
* Superior targeting through separation
* Using affiliate leverage for speed
* Condition your subscribers
Liz Tomey’s The Online Marketer’s Cheat Sheet
ã 2007
* Proving you’re for real & building a relationship
Chapter 6. Pricing Strategies
* Out of place
* Competition should not be the only factor
* Defining roles for pricing strategies
Chapter 7. Product Creation Strategies
* Mixing with your market
* Subscribe & more
* Pay attention – those around you will inspire
* Improve & Prosper
* One idea equals ten ideas
* Finding your market before creating
* Why all ideas are bad ideas
Chapter 8. Promotion Strategies
* Losing out by promoting vanilla programs
* Collecting the info
* Making the connections & your future
* Too good to be true
* How not to compete with the wrong people
* Give it away to get rich
Chapter 9. Tracking & Testing Strategies
* Never without tracking
* How to track quickly and effectively
* The knock-on effects
* An example
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Chapter 1. An Introduction

Greetings, and welcome to the course. What you’re about to experience isn’t just a random list of useful business stuff I put together because I wanted to get out there and sell it as a new product, it’s much, much more than that.

What I’m presenting here are what I would deem to be the biggest business changing tips I could ever come up with, not because I read about them anywhere, or because someone told me about them (as is the case with a lot of these books nowadays).

In actuality, every single point that you’re about to read has been the difference between my launching a product and pulling $200 in a week (which is what my business had a habit of doing when I first began back in 1999) and today, where first in March, and then in June, my products generated first $100,000 in of sales one week, followed by $133,000 in a subsequent promotion.

Now bear in mind up to 40% of this went out in commissions, but even so, I think that qualifies me to be sitting here right now showing you what exactly changed between 1999 and now to make my business successful, especially if it turns out to do the same for you and your business.

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