Mobile Marketing Trends And Small Businesses MRR Ebook With Audio

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Table Of Contents

Chapter 1 Understanding mobile commerce _______________________________5
Chapter 2 Mobile Marketing goes mainstream- Instigation of mobile marketing___7
Chapter 3 Growth and expansion of Mobile Marketing_______________________9
Chapter 4 Mobile Marketing Reach______________________________________11
Chapter 5 Affordability and Effectiveness of Text Message Marketing __________13
Chapter 6 Challenges faced by mobile marketing from social media marketing ___15
Chapter 7 Integrating mobile strategies with non-mobile strategies____________17
Chapter 8 Mobile Marketing and Viral communication ______________________19
Chapter 9 How does it benefit a small business to go mobile-friendly?__________21
Chapter 10 Breakthrough strategies on how to succeed in a mobile marketing
Campaign ___________________23

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Chapter 1: Understanding Mobile Commerce

Marketing can simply be defined as the art of selling products. This implies that marketing aims at understanding the needs of the customers and creating a product or service that the customers are ready to buy. Today, marketing is not as simple as it used to be. Marketing is changing and so is the marketplace. The main reasons for change in which marketing is done are changing technology and globalization. Today, the marketplace is digital rather than physical. This is the underlying concept of mobile marketing or mobile commerce.

Traditionally, mobile marketing can be defined as marketing in a moving fashion whereby companies make use of mobile promotional methods for selling their products and services. The best example of this is the moving billboards used for selling products and services. However, with the emerging technology, this definition has been replaced. Today, mobile marketing means selling products and services to the existing as well as the potential customers with the help of any mobile device or a network. Mobile commerce is an interactive form of marketing whereby companies and organizations are able to remain in touch and communicate with their customers as and when required.

Mobile commerce is customer controlled as opposed to traditional marketing and even e-commerce. When an organization or a marketer has to sell products and services, he has to wait till the customer agrees to take part in the exchange. Even after the exchange of products and services has been agreed upon, it is the customer who controls the exchange by defining the rules of the transaction. It is the customers who decide what information they need, what are they interested in and what price are they ready to pay for a particular product or service. This is perhaps one of the main reasons for mobile marketing becoming popular. There

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