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Online workshops are very easy to implement with today’s video and audio technology and the Internet. Once you build a short course online, you can even promote it for free to people to get sales leads. A few short courses that you offer for free can be a great way to entice people to buy the bigger products that go more in-depth with the material. You can also use them with your offline workshops as a bonus gift to people who attend. People like to feel they’ve gotten a freebie and appreciate the effort to meet their needs, above and beyond the call of duty.

What’s even nicer for you about online workshops is that you can put them in membership areas, and instead of charging for a view, charge a monthly membership access to all online courses. This will seem like a real deal to most people, and yet, it provides a means of obtaining residual income for you as well. That means that you will always have some money coming in on a monthly basis from your existing customers, instead of having to sell to them over and over or of finding new customers to take their place.


Consulting can be a very lucrative business, but it comes with much higher risk than some of the other strategies entailed earlier. For one, you are personally liable for any damage that your working might cause while you are on someone else’s premises. You can charge much higher fees for consulting, and that’s the main draw, but you will also have to devote your time to one customer and assume some more risk to get that fee.


If you like meeting with people and learning what makes them tick, consulting is a fun job. If you’re more private, then it can add tremendous stress to you, particularly for an Internet marketer who might have hidden behind the computer screen in the past. This type of offline way to do business on Internet marketing is not for everyone, but for those where it is a good fit, it’s a very easy way to make money.


As a consultant, you’re the expert. The business owner will provide you with the resources you need to understand his/her business and get the job done. You may have to bring your own tools and have a home office, but there are tax perks that come along with that too. Being a business consultant is a nice way to generate a large income, and the perks of doing business from a tax perspective are generous.


You may think that there are more expenses associated with in-house consulting, and there are; however, many are deductible at the end of the year. You can deduct the cost of traveling to and from a job site at a standard mileage rate. You can lease a special car and deduct that cost on your taxes. You can devote a portion of your home as a home office, and as long as it meets Federal requirements, you can deduct portions of your mortgage and your utilities from your taxes to service that space. In a sense, you get a lot of government perks that might be harder to access and prove by doing most of your work online.

Consulting relies on your reputation and word-of-mouth to get new customers. You will find that satisfied business owners will refer you more business from other people if they know that they can trust you. Sweeten the pot with a referral bonus, and you’ll have tons of work!


Business owners who do business offline rely on a few strategies to create business leads. They may have an ad in the Yellow Pages. They may even know about and Yet, many have never sat down to create an active plan for a sales promotion that has a defined sales funnel, complete from the mouth of the funnel to the closing of a sale. Instead, they rely on luck and the quality of the offerings to persuade people to buy. That’s not working for many of them right now due to the recession. They need to be more proactive, and showing them how to generate leads online and developing a killer sales campaign is going to benefit them tremendously.


You can develop some very nice campaigns for your offline business owner to generate traffic into his/her offline store. You start to develop a list that categorizes his/her customers based on whether he/she is local or not. Then, you can use that information to create a different sales promotion that will be emailed to those clients to notify them of pending in-store sales and discounts to generate more foot traffic. Other people who are online leads can be marketed with the right products and services for that group.

Having a definable sales funnel, where the mouth is the double opt-in page, and carefully crafted promotions can be a great way to increase income for an offline business. Once they get the hang of this, they might want to do it themselves, but odds are that if you’re knowledgeable about their products and services, you can do it for them and they will love you for it.


Each sales campaign is a new opportunity to promote the business online, outside of the regular audience. You can pick out one or two products that you want to promote heavily from this offline business owner and set up backlinks in blogs, news articles, and more to promote this offering. You can even use your own Internet marketing vehicle to increase their exposure by tweeting about it on Twitter or by adding a link to your status update on Facebook. This is something that the average business owner cannot provide for himself/herself. They’ve been too busy marketing their products offline to develop an online audience. You can show them how associating with you and your company has automatically generated massive exposure due to your online connections.

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