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Table of Contents

What You Need to Know if You Are Writing an Ebook …… 3
Writing a Quality Ebook That Sells ……. 3
The Biggest Mistakes Made When Writing an E-book …… 4
3 Key Ways to Promote Your Ebook …. 5
Great Tips To Write a Successful First E-book …. 6
Tips for Ebook Writers ……… 7
Tips to Help You do the Research to Write Your Ebook …. 8
Tips to Write Your E-books First Draft . 9
Good Reasons You Should Write an Ebook …… 10
Editing Mistakes You Should Recognize When You Edit Your Ebook ………… 11
How to Avoid 3 Common Mistakes When Writing E-books ……….. 12
Avoid Ruining Your First Draft of Your Ebook … 13
How to Create a Strong Cover for Your Ebook . 14
When Writing an E-book Go Beyond the Obvious ……….. 15
5 Top Tips for Publishing Your Ebook 16
The 3 Stages of Launching Your Ebook …………. 17
How to Use Social Media to Market Your Ebook …………. 17
5 Sites You can Promote Your eBook for Free .. 18

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What You Need to Know if You Are Writing an Ebook

Congratulations on writing your ebook. Please, don’t act like it isn’t a big deal, because it is. If this is your first ebook it’s pretty common to be uncomfortable about marketing your ebook, so a common mistake is to launch without any ‘fluff’ or ‘excitement.’ Don’t make this mistake!

Don’t just put a new link on your blog and a couple of short, low key posts on your Facebook profile. You can have written the best book on the market, but if you do not promote it properly sales will wither and die. Besides, really – if you are not willing to take the time to market your ebook once you have completed the hard work of writing it, you’ve wasted all that time and your effort is for nothing.

You should be proud of your accomplishment. You are right? Then start to act like what you’ve done matters to you. If you aren’t feeling proud about what you have written maybe it isn’t ready for the market. Maybe you need to go spend more time writing it.

Get busy mixing up your promotional marketing messages – there are all kinds of ways to promote your ebook including your blog, Facebook, Twitter, Tumbler, Google+, other social networking sites, email, and the list goes on. Take the time to seek out as many valuable sources as you can. If you are selling your ebook on Amazon, give it away for a period of time to create a buzz.

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