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In this report I will focus on New Media Marketing. Now what is that? If you encompass all things that have exploded on the Internet in the last few years, YouTube, Social Networking sites like Facebook and MySpace this certainly covers part of it. But there are many other channels within that can be classed as New Media Marketing and we’ll look at those too.

This report is just an overview of New Media Marketing and does not offer in depth training, although we have other reports that take a step by step approach at

Doing business online, whether you are a marketer, a small business, a creative artist, in fact anyone that wants to get the word out about their service, product or content can use these strategies to build of ‘cloud’ of followers and fans, that can quickly become your customers and prospects.

There are so many strategies it can become extremely confusing when coming online as to what strategy to follow. It’s easy to get overwhelmed by the information, strategies and advice to succeeding online which floods in from every direction. The key is to find a strategy that fits in with your business and stick to it.


This is a big mistake that many people make – they start on one thing and then get distracted by the latest easiest way to make millions online and just start hopping from opportunity to opportunity – which, unfortunately mostly ends up a waste of time and money.

Stay focused and stick to the plan.

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