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Table of Contents

Chapter 1:
Living On Purpose Basics
Chapter 2:
Figuring Out What You Want Your Life To Look Like
Chapter 3:
Making Goals And Sticking To Them
Chapter 4:
How Living On Purpose Works
Chapter 5:
Getting In The Right Mindset
Chapter 6:
The Difference Between Positive And Negative Mindset In Creating Your Path
Chapter 7:
How Important Is It To Stick With It
Chapter 8:
How To Make Things Happen
Chapter 9:
Advantages And Disadvantages
Chapter 10:

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Chapter 2:

Figuring Out What You Want Your Life To Look Like


Everybody wants the ideal life. Everyone dreams of getting through all the hoops, being glorious and becoming happy in the easiest way possible. However, before you actually make all of your dreams come true, it is important that you first figure out what you really want your life to look like. What are the things that you can do to get there, wherever “there” might be?

What You Want

In reality, most people want all of the best things in life, but more often than not, they fail to do much for them to get started with their life’s actual journey. Simply put, many people are stuck behind their lives’ wheels, unmoving, and worse, there are some who just sit comfortably in the back seat as they let another person navigate their own lives.

You are the one who makes your own life, not anybody else, and for you to determine what it will look like in the future, you should start with today, because it is in the present that you would really be able to set what your life would be like 20 or even 50 years from now.

So, how should you get started?

Stop Wondering About the Things That You Want – Figure Things Out Today

For all you know, you are probably not even aware of how you want your life to be or look like. Think about this: When was the last time that you sat down while introspecting and searching for your soul to figure out the things that you want? Has it been awhile?

Soul searching is the best ticket for you to understand how and what you want your life to look like, so make sure that you set aside some of your time for it. When you finally understand what you actually want, this can bring you more happiness and make you feel more fulfilled, something that everyone will surely wish to have.

Set Goals Outside the Boundaries of Your Comfort Zone

What’s the sense of taking a journey if you will not take risks and be bold in the steps that you take? Well, this does not necessarily mean that you need to do dangerous or irresponsible things. What it means is that you have to be more daring, more ambitious and unafraid. You must be fearless and brave in facing your goals, with the determination that you can achieve more out of your life. And to start this, you should set goals that are way beyond your comfort zone.

Muster Up Confidence That Will Drive You Into Action

Confidence is the primary ingredient that is bound to drive you into full-swing action. You will discover that when you have gained more confidence to help you reach your bold goals, you will also be able to set aside all your vulnerabilities and fears. With more conviction intact, you will soon discover more strategies that can fill in the gaps in your confidence which kept you into being a passenger right inside the vehicle of your life.

Be in Charge and Do the Needed Work

Whether you like it or not, the work should be done by you and you alone. No one will do it for you so unless you take action, you will never be able to figure out what your life would be like. Get up and run your life towards the direction that you want it to take. Seize every chance and opportunity thrown your way and find and create the happiness of your life. After all, living on purpose means taking charge, getting out and being the own driver of your life, before anything else.

Chapter 3: Making Goals And Sticking To Them


Now that you have your life all figured out, the next thing that you need to do is set your goals and learn how you should stick to them. Most people, when setting their goals, imagine a simple and straight path towards their destination.

However, the sad truth is that the path to reaching your goals is hardly ever linear and clear.

This path has lots of obstacles and expecting to find a linear and straight path will surely derail you even before you start. On the contrary, anticipating obstacles will help you in conquering them more easily than what you have expected.


Forget Your Doubts and Never Overthink

Once you have set a plan which you are sure will work, sticking to it can be all too easy. Yet the moment doubt starts creeping in, you will get a change in behavior and ironically enough, this very change is what will wreck the whole plan.

Although doubt can sometimes has its good side as it will make you think twice prior to continuing the thing that you do, you need to remember that the right place and time for doubts is during planning stages only.

Once you are in the middle of taking action, doubts no longer have their place. Choose one path and make sure that you follow through it until you reached success or that predetermined evaluation point.

Put Aside Resources For Them Not to Run Out

The most common excuses that people have when they fail to do something that they should be doing include lack of energy, lack of time, and of course, lack of money.

Sources like these are finite and once they have not been allocated properly, expect to run out of them. When you make goals, you must determine the one that has more chances of becoming your excuse and search for a means for it not to hinder your way. Create a schedule, do the things that are more important first, or set aside some funds.

Define Your Priorities to Resist the Shiny Objects

In life, even after you have set all your goals and become determined to reach them, there will always come a time when your priorities suddenly take a sudden shift. There was probably one time when your goal was the most essential thing to you yet once an unexpected incidence takes place, this goal becomes completely abandoned as you deal with your latest predicament. However, the million dollar question is, was it all worth it? How many chances did you lose when you stopped persisting? Did you ever wish to go back and continued on instead? Make sure that you weigh things properly in order for you not to feel any regrets in the end.

Stay Right on Track by Reaffirming Habits

To reach and stick to your goals, your habits play a crucial role. It is true that the easiest means of accomplishing something which requires effort for a certain time period is through creating behavioral routines as you reach all your goals. But what if a certain situation arises and the whole momentum gets disrupted? Start from the very beginning: first, change your emotions before changing your behavior. Rekindle your original motivation which pushed you to setting that particular goal then proceed to reestablishing your habit.

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