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Chapter 1: Different Types Of Motivation5
Chapter 2: Set Goals That Interest You…..7
Chapter 3: Find Inspiration In What Surrounds You9
Chapter 4: Establish A Successful Mindset….11
Chapter 5: Align Your Values With Your Work……13
Chapter 6: Surround Yourself With Successful People..15
Chapter 7: Find A Mentor That Keeps You Motivated…17

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Chapter 7: Find A Mentor That Keeps You Motivated

In the last chapter, you learned how being in an environment with positive, successful people can help you to stay motivated and strive harder to attain your goals. In this chapter, you will learn how finding a mentor can help to keep you motivated and strive harder to attain your goals.

In virtually any line of work, there is usually always someone who has been there and done that, knowing the pitfalls and challenges that lie ahead. Having such a person guide you can help to keep you motivated for many reasons. First, you don’t feel like you’re alone, which is especially critical if you’re running your own business. Second, knowing potential pitfalls and challenges that lie ahead can help you to avoid them and not have to endure the hardships that a mentor has faced. Third, you can go to this person for advice, guidance, and even inspiration when you are unsure about what to do next or reassurance in the event you are hesitantto take an action because you’re afraid it will backfire and harm your business and reputation.

Therefore, it helps to have a mentor in virtually any line of work, and in most cases, there have been people who have already been where you are at now. Thus, it makes sense to try to find someone who can help you. Of course, not everyone who is experienced is willing to be a mentor or is even made to be a mentor. He/She may be too involved in his/her own business to be willing to help you, and if he/she doesn’t have a positive mindset or doesn’t have encouraging insight and guidance to aid you, he/she may not serve as a good mentor even if he/she has the knowledge to help you.

You need to find someone in your field who is willing to help you and guide you.There are people who are often willing to share their knowledge with you and “take you under your wing” to help you avoid or minimize the pitfalls and challenges they have faced. Of course, the mentor can get several things out of this arrangement with you. He/She could get money (i.e. you pay a monthly or annual fee for their continued guidance and support), a partnership with you (i.e. you give part of your profits you gain from products and/or services you create based on his/her advice), prestige and recognition (i.e. you acknowledge him/her as your mentor and attribute your success in part to him/her), etc.

Therefore, chances are few to none will be willing to mentor you for free; you will likely have to “pay” something in order for him/her to mentor you. However, if you truly believe in this person and he/she is willing to guide you, chances are that the “payment” will be worthwhile and beneficial for you and for him/her as well. In this chapter, you have learned how a mentor can help you to stay motivated and give you a better chance to achieve the goals you wish to achieve. He/She can help you to avoid or minimize the pitfalls and challenges he/she has faced. You also have someone you can turn to for guidance, support, and motivation when you are unsure of what to do or have doubts on what your next step should be. It’s likely you will have to “pay” something for that person to be your mentor, but if he/she is someone you believe can help you achieve more goals and be more successful, the chances are high that the “payment” will be worth it.


After reading this book, you should know what different types of motivation there are, including both positive and negative intrinsic and extrinsic motivation. You also know that not every type of motivation will motivate everyone-some will be motivated by growth and/or achievement, others by incentive and/or fear, others by power and/or social factors.

You need to set goals that inspire you based on the motivation and factors that drive you. Everyone will suffer losses of inspiration and motivation due to unexpected challenges or lack of success over time. It’s key to find motivation in the environment around you to keep your levels of motivation high so you achieve more of your goals.

Establishing a positive, successful mindset is also key to being able to attain more of your goals. It’s much harder to attain goals when you have a negative, disdainful mindset. Review the successes you’ve already had and talk to family, friends, and/or a psychologist about any apprehension you have about your own abilities to achieve your goals. Especially after a difficult day, take some to relax, unwind, and listen to some inspirational music and/or CDs/DVDs to recharge and come back more motivatedto handle the challenges that stand in the way of your goals.

It’s important to align your values with your work to ensure you remain motivated and committed to achieving your goals. Working for a company or running a business that runs contrary to yourvalues is not going to motivate you to work harder, as working harder will lead to exemplifying values that run contrary to your own. In other words, you won’t be true to yourself, which is why you need to align your values with your work to remain motivated and strive harder to attain your goals. Surrounding yourself with positive, successful people can keep your motivation high and encourage you to strive harder for your goals. You can also learn to improve your skill set by learning from these people. A mentor can also help to motivate you to strive harder for your goals. He/She can help you to avoid or minimize the pitfalls and/or challenges he/she has faced, plus you can turn to him/her when you have questions or doubts on what to do next. Any “fee” he/she may ask for will likely be worth the additional motivation and benefits you receive from him/her.

Good luck!

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