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3. Design a Slide-Share Video

All you have to do here is turn an article or set of articles into a slideshare video. You can use the text from the articles to create the slides (using software like PowerPoint™). If you have graphics with your articles to include on the slides, that’s even better. Then use a screenrecording software such as Camtasia to run your slide-share. You can narrate it yourself, or simply set it to music.

Here’s another idea…

4. Create a “Talking Head” Training Video For YouTube This is an easy way to create new content, because all you have to do is turn the camera on yourself and use the article as the basis for a training video. You can even add a demo into the training video. For example, turn an article about weight training into a training video complete with a demo of two or three lifts.

Or turn an article about setting up a blog into a training video that includes a screen capture video that shows every step of the process.


5. Post the Content on Social Media

You can take a blog post and publish it directly on social media, such as Facebook. You can use a post to answer questions on sites such as LinkedIn questions or Quora. You can even excerpt out short tips and use them to create tweets for Twitter.

6. Create an Infographic

Take a blog post that’s heavy on data or other facts, and then use the content to create an infographic that you give away. For example:

– Give the infographic away to your newsletter readers.

– Distribute the infographic on social media and encourage your followers to share and retweet.

– Ask your joint venture partners to give the infographic away to their subscribers and followers.

You can even post this infographic on your blog.


7. Sell the Licensing Rights to Select Pieces

Here’s a quick way to make money from your content: sell the licensing rights to other marketers, bloggers and small business owners. Since you’ve already distributed this content for free, your best bet is to sell the PLR (private label rights), which gives license holders the freedom to modify the content and distribute it in whatever way they see fit.

Alternatively, you can compile your best content to create a report, and then offer resell rights to this new product. The benefit there is that your links remain intact, so you can reap the backend profits.

8. Turn the Content Into a Series of Podcasts

Get out a mic and audio recording software like Audacity, and you can turn an article into a podcast. If you have a set of related blog posts, then you can turn them into a series of podcasts. You can then distribute these podcasts on your blog, on social media, and even as a “guest post” on other peoples’ blogs.

9. Use the Content Inside Paid Products

The idea here is to use your blog content to bolster your paid products. For example, let’s suppose you’re writing a chapter in an ebook about housetraining a puppy. If you have a blog post with 17 tips for housetraining a puppy, you can insert that into your product. You can even include a note that says the article came from your blog, along with a link to the blog and a call to action to visit the blog.

10. Create Guest Posts for Other Peoples’ Blogs

Here’s a great way to turn your existing content into new traffic and leads: simply use it to create guest content for other blogs. TIP: You can find other blogs that accept guest posts by running a Google search for your niche keywords alongside words such as “guest posts” or “submit article” or “guest author.” E.G., “dog training guest post.”


11. Give the Content to Your Affiliates

In other words, stock your affiliate center with your blog content, and let your affiliates insert their affiliate links into the content and use it to promote your products.

Here are four ways to use existing content to stock the affiliate center:

– Upload the content as-is and let people post it to their own blogs.

– Create emails and autoresponder sequences out of the content.

– Compile the content to create rebrandable reports.

– Excerpt out portions of the content to create short blurbs to post on social media.


12. Compile the Best Posts to Create a Tripwire Product

The idea here is to create a low-cost tripwire product you sell for $7. Better yet, add some additional content to your report to add value to the product.

For example: “The Seven Secrets of Getting Ripped That Every Competitive Bodybuilder Ought to Know.”

TIP: Here’s another twist: turn this report into a Kindle ebook, and sell it in the Amazon marketplace.

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