Mantra Magic: Learn How To Transform Your Life And Health With Mantras Plr Ebook

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Table of Contents


Chapter 1:
Mantra Basics

Chapter 2:
Finding The Right Mantra

Chapter 3:
Correct Form

Chapter 4:
Getting In Touch

Chapter 5:
Mantras For Health

Chapter 6:
What You Could Be Missing

Wrapping Up

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Chapter 1:

Mantra Basics


To most this word Mantra gives off an atmosphere of mystery and mystique. If decently understood and utilized Mantra may indeed produce mighty results.

Plainly explained, mantras are Sanskrit words, sounds and phrases which are perpetually repeated fairly vocally in meditative conditions, as the brain concentrates on the essence of the words.

The vibrations produced by these sounds are said to be able to aid the individual in experiencing the oneness of both body and brain with the surroundings, thus leaving a positively refreshed feeling of purification.

The Basics

Basically it makes claims of the speech as having the essence of humanity and thus everything spoken has some unseen force connected to it.

This force becomes evident when seriously practiced. Conceptual ideas stay just that till they’re actually verbalized. Predominantly practiced in ancient cultures, the Christian bible too makes references to the power of the spoken word.

There are many explanations to the complexity of the mantra. Purportedly saying the word produces a real physical vibration. If the meanings behind the words are strong and meant to revive then the vibration acquires a level of significance and brings energy to the words.

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