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What is Spiritual Healing?

With the advent of new theories and medical practices, the face of traditional medicine continues to change in today’s world. In addition to standard medical practices, many people are discovering that there can be distinct health advantages in spiritual healing practices. But just what is spiritual healing? And how can it help you to take a most holistic approach to overall health care and well-being?

Spiritual healing is, by definition, the use of non-physical means to treat illness or affliction. Sometimes referred to as “faith healing,” spiritual healing is a type of treatment generally considered to be classified as “alternative” or non-traditional. Yet the roots of spiritual healing go back for centuries, and some form of this treatment have been shown to exist is almost every culture known to history.

At its core, spiritual healing involves channeling a type of energy from one person, the “healer,” to another. Practitioners claim that this energy can help to heal or alleviate physical, mental or spiritual ailments. The healer is generally thought to be a medium for the healing powers that are coming from a higher power, or spirit.

Other forms of spiritual healing include prayer or meditation healing, in which there is not a channeler, or healer, but the energy comes directly to the person asking for the healing.

What makes spiritual healing so unique from modern medicine is that spiritual healing addresses not only issues of the body, but of the mind and spirit as well, treating all three of these human phenomena as one cohesive unit. In fact, spiritual healing is based on the premise that no one can be truly healthy unless their mind, body and psyche are indeed operating in one sympathetic unit. It is not enough to alleviate physical symptoms of illness or injury; to be completely healed one must also address the mental and spiritual symptoms as well. And, conversely, spiritual healers also believe that many physical problems are actually manifestations of illness or disorders within the mind or the spirit. Curing one without addressing the other will be futile and counter-productive, according to these healers.

Many people claim that spiritual healing is a “New Age” phenomenon, but in reality that is not so. Most organized religions invoke some aspect of spiritual healing, through prayer, meditation or special intentions, and praying for the sick is a widely recognized and respected tradition.

There are myriad methods for carrying out spiritual healing. Some use a laying-on of hands to transfer healing energy; others anoint the sick with special oils; for others, special crystals seem to be the conduit through which healing occurs. There are as many methods as there are religious and spiritual interpretations, all with the ultimate goal of bringing healing and wellness in mind, spirit and body.

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