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Chapter 1:
The Plan

Chapter 2:
Sing A New Song

Chapter 3:
Study The Word

Chapter 4:
Daily Devotional Plan

Chapter 5:

Chapter 6:
Like Minded People

Chapter 7:
For The Spiritual And Non-religious

Wrapping Up

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Chapter 6:

Like Minded People


The Bible encourages us to meet together on a regular basis with other believers. This is fundamental to spiritual growth. All the same, finding a church may be a hard, time consuming experience.

It frequently takes a great deal of patient persistence, particularly if you’re seeking a church after moving into a new community. Here are a few practical steps to remember, along with questions to ask yourself, as you work your way through the process of discovering a church.

Find Others

While this resource is meant to offer practical steps for discovering a church home, prayer is of basic importance in the process. As you seek the Lord’s direction, he will provide you wisdom to know where he wants you to fellowship. So, make sure to make prayer a priority every step along the way.

There are many Christian denominations to pick from, like Catholic, Methodist, Baptist, Assemblies of God, Church of the Nazarene, and the list goes on and on.

If you feel called to a nondenominational or interdenominational church, there are a lot of different sorts of these as well, like Pentecostal, Charismatic, and Community churches.

It’s crucial to understand the doctrinal beliefs of the church before joining. A lot of individuals become disillusioned after investing a good deal of time in a church. You may avoid this disappointment by looking closely at the church’s statement of faith. Some churches even offer classes or written material to help you comprehend the church’s doctrine.

Ask yourself, “Would I experience more freedom to worship through a structured or formal liturgy, or would I be easier in an informal atmosphere?”

Worship is the way we express our love and gratitude to God, as well as our awe of his works, and marvel of his ways. Think about what style of worship will let you most freely express adoration to God. A few churches have contemporary music, a few have traditional. A few sing hymns, others sing choruses. A few have full bands, others have orchestras and choirs. A few sing gospel, rock, hard rock, etc. As worship is a key part of our church experience, make sure to give the style of worship serious thought.

You want your church to be a place where you may connect with additional believers. A few churches offer a really simple ministry approach and others extend an elaborate system of courses, programs, productions and more. So, for example, if you’re single and wish a church with a single’s ministry, make sure to check into this before joining.

Littler church fellowships are commonly unable to offer a wide assortment of ministries and programs, while bigger ones can support an array of opportunities.

But, a small church may provide a more familiar, close-knit environment that a big church may not be able to cultivate as effectively. These are things to consider when viewing the size of the church.

In a few churches t-shirts, jeans, and even shorts, are suitable. In others a suit and tie or dress would be more suitable. In a few churches anything goes. So, ask yourself, “What is correct for me–dressy, casual, or both?”

Next, take some time to list particular questions you’d want to call and ask before visiting the church. If you take a couple of minutes every week to do this, it will save you time in the long haul. For instance, if the youth program is crucial to you, place that on your list and ask specifically for information about it. A few churches will even mail you an “information packet” or “visitor’s packet”, so make sure to ask for these when you call.

You may often get a good “feel” for a church by visiting its site. Most churches will provide info about how the church got started, doctrinal beliefs, a statement of faith, plus info about ministries and outreaches.

Before visiting a church, make a checklist of the most crucial things you hope to see or experience. Then rate the church according to your checklist once you leave. If you’re visiting a lot of churches, your notes will help you compare and choose later. As time passes, you might have trouble keeping them straight. This will supply you with a record for future reference.

If you still don’t know where to begin your search for a church, ask individuals you know—acquaintances, colleagues, or individuals you admire, where they go to church.

Chapter 7:

For The Spiritual And Non-religious


You may find it fairly ambitious in the beginning if you don’t have a sense of a higher power. Some call God, Source, Spirit, Monkey.

What ever it might be for you it doesn’t have to have a book written about it.

Higher Power

The first time I attempted looking for a higher power, I tested a great big old oak. I simply wanted to place my fear and ambitions on to something that wouldn’t talk back to me. I’d think of things I needed and required in my life and then leave them with the tree. I like to trust because I let my thoughts go someplace and not occupy my brain it allowed movement in my life to allow what I needed to come in.

One day I discovered a piece of bark while I was thinking about my mom and how she was no longer alive. I considered the bark and it had a smiling face with the rings of the bark. That happy face took away all the sorrow when I remember my mom isn’t alive. I thought that was something greater than myself.

I started looking at individuals being messengers and angels. They likely don’t even know it. Not to make individuals, places and things my higher power to speak through hoi polloi, places and things.

Example. I wanted to earn a set sum of money consistently, my thoughts stayed on that concept most of my days. I’d met individuals that eventually lead me to the individual that understood and could offer me the salary I wanted.

Another way I discovered a higher power was when I stopped attempting to play God. I had so many different arenas in my life that needed improvement, decidedly serenity yet my controlled plans kept moving in the way.

When I had an issue, a hard personality… I forgave that individual. I told myself that I’m powerless over the state of affairs with this individual.

I trusted something greater than myself may restore me to sanity and I was willing to give what ever that was over to something larger than myself, not knowing what that may even look like.

I let it go. I let go of thoughts that the individual was attempting to hurt me. I let go of thoughts that that individual needed to attack me. I dropped all fear and negativism and let the air take it. Inside days I felt a relief and freedom from thinking about this individual.

I don’t know how it got removed. I don’t’ even have to know yet I do know as I was willing to let something else take over. I was freed up to let something better come in.

It appears to me to be a calming essence that graces me during hard situations and during serene times it’s my commitment to pause and turn over anything I think is great or bad to something greater than me and then watch to see what that something greater than me comes up with.

It’s forever something greater and better than what I may have ever imagined.

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