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Best Time to Visit
Your Disneyland/World Ticket
Disneyland/World Special Events
Disneyland/World Hotels
Disneyland/World Baby Center
What is a FastPass
Disneyland/World Planning Service
Traveling to Disneyland/World
Having a Meal with a Disney Character
Disneyland/World Shopping
Entertainment for Grownups
Disneyland/World Concierge Service
Avoiding Long Lines
Take a Tour
Disneyland/World and the Disabled

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Best Time to Visit

The Best Time to Be At Disneyland/Disney World

Going to Disneyland/Disney World can be your vacation of a lifetime. As children, you may have had a phase in which you yearned to go to this magical place. Now, you have all the opportunity to go and stay however long you please!

Getting the Best Out Of It

If you are spending your vacation with your family or friends, you will want to have everything run as smoothly as possible. You may need to know what may be the best time for you to visit Disneyland/Disney World.

The Parks Busiest Days

There are seasons in which Disney Parks are very busy. It depends on your preference on whether to go to Disney World when there are a lot of people or not. If you believe that the more the merrier, then here are the times that you should go to the park. However, if you are not much of a crowd person, then these will be the times that you should avoid going to the park.

The busiest time of the year is the busiest time for the park, which is Christmas Day. The numbers of people that flood the park gates seem to never cease. The park will get the same number of crowds from Christmas day onward through New Year’s Day as the summer.

Thanksgiving season is good time for the park to attract more people. Crowds peak during the whole Thanksgiving weekend. The weekend holidays make Disneyland crowded like President’s Day weekend and Memorial Day weekend.

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