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Table of Contents

Chapter #1: Introduction to Video Marketing………6
Chapter #2: Advantages of Video Marketing………8
Chapter #3: Types of Video Hosting Services……….10
Chapter #4: Capturing Video and Software………11
Chapter #5:12 Recommended Types of Videos.13
Chapter #6: Introduction of The Big Daddy (Youtube)…….19
Chapter #7: Youtube Advantages…..20
Chapter #8: Exact Blueprint of an Attractive Youtube Channel……….22
Chapter #9: Uploading a Video Inside Youtube………24
Chapter #10: Rank your Videos to Beat the Competition….26
Chapter #11: Types of Youtube Ads…..28
Chapter #12: Exact Blueprint of Recording A Video..31
Chapter #13: Taking Backup of Your Youtube Channel………32
Chapter #14: Video Scorecard (for advanced users)34
Chapter #15: Resources…..37
Chapter #16: Conclusion….40

Sample Content Preview

Rank your Videos to Beat the Competition

One of the smartest ways to rank your videos higher up in the search engines is by adding related keywords. Unfortunately most video marketers either don’t know this technique or do this completely wrong.
Adding related keywords make the video content appear when similar keywords are searched or parallel videos are played. Here’s the place to enter the keywords inside youtube:

Each keyword entered must be separated by a comma (,) sign.

How to find the exact keywords for the videos?

Here’s the ninja trick. Even if you have no clue about SEO and stuff, still you can crank it like a pro. Make use of “Google Keyword Planner” to search for any suggested keywords and simply enter the keywords as they appear.

This will help you rank your videos higher almost overnight getting you stack of targeted leads and sales.

Video Thumbnail: Youtube randomly gives 3 thumbnail choices for each video. You can either choose or upload a customized thumbnail to give the video a more professional look.
Also, use video location as your current location and select date as your video upload date. By doing so google predicts that you are the original owner of the content and provides you an instant higher rank:

Types of Youtube Ad

Youtube advertisement is one of the most efficient, cost effective and user friendly ad platforms out there.

There are 4 types of youtube ads:

✓ Display ads
✓ Overlay ads
✓ Skippable video ads
✓ Non skippable video ads

Display ads: Appears to the right of the feature video and above the video suggestions list. This is usually related to the video being watched.

Overlay ads: Semi-transparent overlay ads that appear on the lower 20% portion of your video.

Skippable video ads: Skippable video ads allow viewers to skip ads after 5 seconds, if they choose. Inserted before, during, or after the main video.

Non skippable video ads: Non-skippable video ads must be watched before your video can be viewed. Long non-skippable video ads may be up to 30 seconds long. These ads can appear before, during, or after the main video.

Exact Blueprint of Recording A Video Start recording the video with a “how to” opener:

Examples of “How To” Topics

✓ How To Earn More…
✓ How To Become a Top 2%Producer…
✓ How To Be a Top Income Earner…
✓ How To Sponsor More…
✓ How To Sell More…
✓ How To Increase…

1. Hi! My name is …………………

In this video I am going to teach you how to ………

2. Step 1 is …………

Step 2 is …………

Step 3 is …………

3. Call To Action

Taking Backup of Your Youtube Channel

Youtube has a strict policy and procedure in place and violation of which may result in closing down of your channel permanently which means losing all your hard work within a moment. There are many pro video marketers who had been victim of this certain shut down and they had to start again from the scratch.

However, there is a smart way to save guard your channel in case of this sort of unwanted closing down.

Visit this site:

And you can take back up of your entire channel within few seconds…

You will email you all your account data which you can keep as a backup in your hard drive or in google drive…

So that even in case of an unwanted shutdown you have all the important data with you.

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