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Table of Contents

Chapter 1:
Career Skill Basics
Chapter 2:
Where do you Need Improvement
Chapter 3:
Assessment Tests for your Given Career
Chapter 4:
Get Mentoring
Chapter 5:
Online Courses
Chapter 6:
Offline Courses
Chapter 7:
Life Lessons
Chapter 8:
Self Esteem

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Chapter 2: Where Do You Need Improvement?


Most people are holding jobs with various employers. They are also moving to various employment sectors throughout their working life.

Thus, there is a need to be flexible enough with the working patterns. There is a need to be prepared with the changing sectors or jobs for better opportunities. You need to have improvement that serves you in the long run.

Employers are looking for skills that often go beyond experience and qualifications. While your experience and education may make you eligible enough to apply for a job, you still need to have mixed skills. For most employers, getting the right people is important. It is all about identifying the people with the right qualities and skills to fulfill their role and contribute to the success of the organization. You may be one of those candidates who have the “hard skills” and qualifications in managing your job role. However, employers are less likely to hire you without your soft skills.

Where do you need improvement? Below are some of the skills that you may need to improve.


Employability skills serve as the foundation of your career. Organizations are spending a lot of money and time to train their staff for various positions. During high employment, employers give favor for applicants who have well-rounded employability skills.


Take the time to know if you lack in interpersonal skills. These are important skills used in interacting with a lot of people. With good interpersonal skills, you can actively participate as a team member. You can satisfy the expectations of your clients and your customers. You can have time to negotiate and make good decisions. You can manage your time efficiently and work effectively with other employees.

You will still need to hone your interpersonal skills that allow you to build rapport with clients and colleagues. This leads to a less stressful and better working environment.


Employers are searching for people who have the means to communicate well, both in written and verbal. If you are applying for a job or looking for a promotion with a current employer, you need to best demonstrate your communication skills. If you do not excel in communication, you need to improve your communication skills by practicing writing skills with a wide array of people. You may also want to practice maintaining good eye contact while speaking to people. You also need to write succinctly and clearly. You also need to demonstrate different vocabulary and tailor the language to the audience. These are essential skills that must be improved to have less chances of misunderstanding.

If you do not have the ability of speaking and writing with conciseness and clarity, then you need to strengthen it up for your career. Communication skills are important along with creativity.

Critical Thinking

The ability of solving problems and making decisions can be a big asset to an employer. This is a desirable skill that must be developed. In problem solving and decision making there is a need to gather reliable information.

The ability of effectively planning and organizing time gets the job done effectively. With critical thinking skills, employers save more money and time.

Creative thinkers are inventive and innovative. They are more likely to create new ways of making systems, adding value to the working environment and devising new ways of doing things.


Personal development is about acquiring the right attitude towards the organization that you work for. Employers even look for people who are interested to learn and develop.

If you are not open to changes and learning, then this is one of the areas that you need to develop personally. If you are resistant to changes in an organization, this will serve as a hindrance to your successful career. Most of the jobs involve change. Employers prefer people who are flexible, patient, and adaptable and respond to change.


Numeracy skills are important, regardless if you are considering a job that works with numbers. If you are not confident and competent in working with numbers, then you need to improve it. Always remember that it can be to your best advantage in different employment settings. Being able to analyze and understand data in various formats is considered to be a crucial skill in most organizations.

Chapter 3: Assessment Tests for Your Given Career

Assessment tests help in determining the best career option for a person based on the personality, aptitude, interest, skills and other factors. These help one in choosing a job that interests and motivates him or her. The tests are also useful in suggesting career options. As a result, a person finds a job where he or she utilizes his or her skills.

In these tests, there are certain questions about the style of working, skill level in different subjects, attitude, interest of a person and interaction with others. With a set of responses, the basic personality of the person is understood along with a list of weaknesses and strengths. This is now matched with the database of career options.

This still depends on the responses that a career choice is given. It is crucial to be honest when answering all these questions. This is to get the best answer, lying will only cheat yourself.

Assessment tests are different depending on the institution, website or person that administrate it. Interest tests, personality tests, skill tests and intelligence tests are among the tests utilized in career assessment. Every test has its set of questions for the career choice of a person.

These assessment tests serve as a guideline for a person. However, they are not utilized as the right answer. They may not always be right,so people should still trust their instincts. These are tools that help people in choosing a job where they can excel and be passionate about their work.

Here are a few of the assessment tests available:

Interest Test

This is considered to be the strongest of all tests. This is also helpful in assessing the career that is best suited for a particular person. This best suggests the job that motivates and interests people to become successful in their career.

In this interest test, there will be questions about the set of choices in different fields. This further determines the interest level of a person accordingly. The orientation of the person toward different jobs is being determined. He or she is guided in deciding on the right career choice.

People can beef up their career skills and choose a job that best fits their interests by taking an interest test such as an interest assessment, self-assessment exercise, career pipeline or a career interest inventory test.

Skills and Aptitude Test

Aptitude tests help to further determine the skill levels of a person. These also assess their weaknesses and strengths. These tests contain analytical ability, verbal reasoning, technical skills, visual skills, language skills, numeric reasoning, and speed tests.

A person could be suited for designing, architecture, finance, law or any other career and science. The inherent aptitude for a specific subject is being tested. This also highlights the person who is weak, average and strong. Thus, the person can further build on the strengths that beef up his or her career skills.

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