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Table Of Contents

CHAPTER 1 – What is Positive Thinking?

• The Power Of Positive Thinking
• How Does Positive Thinking Work?
• Positive Thinking Vs. Positive Psychology

CHAPTER 2 – Why are Positive Thinkers Healthier and Happier?

• Responding To Bad Events
• Why Become A Positive Thinker?
• Optimism And Your Physical Health
• Optimism And Your Psychological Health

CHAPTER 3 – How to Become a Positive Thinker

• Can Pessimists Turn Into Optimists?
• Smile And Be Happy
• Use Affirmations Properly
• Meditate As Often As You Can
• Avoid Negative Self-Talk
• Use Powerful Visualizations
• Stop Worrying And Be Happy
• View Adversity As An Opportunity

CHAPTER 4 – Fulfilling Your Truest Potential with Positive Thinking

• What Exactly Hinders Your Success?
• What Makes Self-Sabotage Your Biggest Enemy?
• Freeing Yourself From Self-Sabotage

CHAPTER 5 – Living a Positive Life

• The Key To Positive Thinking
• How To Live A Positive Life

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Chapter 1

What is Positive Thinking?

Positive thinking refers to a powerful mental attitude that uses images, words, and thoughts that are conducive to achieving personal growth and success. With this way of thinking, you can continue expecting good results no matter what life throws at you. A positive mind that constantly anticipates joy, happiness, better health, and successful outcomes can also take you a few steps closer to achieving your life goals. A person who practices positive thinking will believe in one thing – whatever the mind expects, it surely finds.

While positive thinking has started growing in popularity, not everyone accepts its basic tenets and principles. Others consider it as plain nonsense and scoff at other people who believe and accept the revolutionary ideas it suggests. However, the growing number of books and courses about positive thinking imply that more and more people are becoming attracted to its principles. As this subject continues gaining popularity, it has also changed the lives of thousands of people who wish to become better individuals in every possible way.

Hearing people say “Think positive!” is quite common. If you have ever felt downhearted and miserable, your friends might have told you to do the same thing. Most people who do not take this advice seriously are usually unaware of what it really means. They tend to forget the fact that positive thinking can actually be very effective and useful. Try asking yourself one

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