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Table of Contents

Chapter 1:
The Reason Why ‘Normal’ People Can Never Make Money Online
Chapter 2:
Don’t Focus On Making Money!
Chapter 3:
The Psychology Behind Creating Value And Precise Delivery
Chapter 4:
Buyers Are Smart
Chapter 5:
Even The Best Won’t Sell Itself
Chapter 6:
Build Relationships First
Chapter 7:
Building Customer Loyalty
Chapter 8:
The Marketing Funnel
Chapter 9:
Leverage Other Content
Chapter 10:
Mass Markets Versus Niche Markets?
Chapter 11:
Monetizing And Marketing Your Strengths
Chapter 12:
What Other Gurus Have Advised That Works

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Chapter 2:

Don’t Focus On Making Money!

The greatest issue in trying to grow a business is that we’re too busy making income. It’s not a play on words – it’s a severe issue. You’re too busy making income.

This Is Key

The overarching baseball swing and a miss here: We believe that our purpose in business is to earn money when our purpose in business is to construct A BUSINESS that makes money. These 2 things are creations apart, and almost every business I work with is utterly buried in earning money, which will keep them from ever making a lot of it. How come?

Because businesses are in a ceaseless battle to balance 2 things:

The absolutism of the pressing


The precedence of the crucial

The pressing things in our business come flying at us all day daily, inducing us to be REACTIVE and defensive in just holding the business together as best we can. Among the greatest things that comes flying at us daily is the requirement to earn money to cover today’s bills.

We get so used to this force that even when it’s no longer there, and we’re earning enough income to purchase a hot tub on an impulse and go on vacation a couple weeks a year to someplace exotic, we never leave this style of business. We really believe the goal is to earn money. It’s a stalemate and a big reason why most businesses, if they ever grow, don’t do so for a very long time.

On the other hand, the crucial things sit in the corner and whisper to us “I’m truly crucial, but you’re right, attending to me today won’t make you more income today.”

Attending to the crucial things requires that we be PROACTIVE, as the crucial things almost never seem pressing. Taking care of the pressing may even bring you riches (money), but taking care of the crucial will bring you Wealth (freedom and the ability to Pick what to do with your time.)

Do you desire Riches that you don’t have time to utilize, or Wealth that lets your business make income while you’re on vacation?

One sample of the crucial: If you quit making money long enough to write down the formulas that you think you’re utilizing, you don’t make more income today by doing that. But you now have something that will save you megabucks in re-training, discrepant quality of products or services to your customers, stress, crisis management, and on and on. But as we can’t see a way that it will make us income now, we always discover a way to put it off till “later” (psst… later never arrives).

The key is to discover a suitable balance between earning income now (reacting to the pressing), and establishing A BUSINESS that earns income down the road without even being there (proactively attending to the crucial now, not “later”!). If you’re centered on the pressing, you’re business will never grow.

The key is to produce the suitable balance between these 2 so you are able to pay your bills now and ensure you’re producing a business that earns income without you down the road. It’s not as hard as we make it (and it does not take as long, either).

Chapter 3:

The Psychology Behind Creating Value And Precise Delivery

Let’s take on the question of how to distinguish whether or not you’re creating and handing over true value.

The easy answer is that you know you’re producing value when you’ll be able to see tangible positive changes in the world and your life as a result of your creative output.

A Look At Value

Imperfect Value

Say I write a new article, and lots of individuals send me feedback like, “Great article. That was amazing! Thanks for writing it.”

Does that mean I produced true value? Well, perhaps I produced some. I can see that a few individuals felt good, but is that a real positive change? I’d say no, not truly. The affect will likely be short-lived. I can’t say I handed over much true value.

Lots of bloggers compose articles that generate this kind of feedback. You may read such content and think to yourself, “That was nice.” But a week later you’ve altogether forgotten about it, and nothing in your life has varied. The only value you really got was maybe a minute of entertainment or distraction. There isn’t much evidence of real positive alteration. Creating impactful articles is very ambitious. I don’t always know what will deliver strong vs. Imperfect value.

The value received depends upon the case-by-case reader and the circumstances of their life likewise. Some individuals receive enormous value upon re-reading an old article that previously didn’t mean much to them.

Potent Value

Say you’re walking around at a conference, and somebody recognizes you and says, “I’m so glad to finally see you! I have to tell you our story. Earlier this year I read one of your articles. That article convinced me to make some huge changes in my life. I’m loving it.

And our customers are liking it too. Thanks so much for the work you do.

That new business is something tangible. This is a real positive shift. That article obviously delivered more than just fleeting entertainment value. It had a lasting effect.

Lots of other bloggers have hit the point where they can consistently deliver feeble value as well, and that’s where they stagnate. They continue getting “nice article” feedback on every post, but they nevertheless aren’t getting the results they wish. They wonder what’s missing as the feedback seems to indicate that they’re doing great. The issue is that these bloggers never make the conversion from feeble value to potent value. They don’t raise their standards to the point of producing affect rather than just entertainment.

The Net is already clogged with imperfect value. You might rest of your life taking up the imperfect value that’s already been posted — reading blog posts, watching videos, etc. It’s incessant. But at last it’s nothing valuable.

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