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Bruce Lee said that he doesn’t fear the man who practices 1,000 different kicks once. Bruce Lee feared the man who practiced one kick a thousand times.

In other words, Bruce Lee “feared” (or respected at least) mastery. Bruce was enamoured with those who had honed and perfected their technique through countless hours of rigorous practice. This is what we all can hope to accomplish and what we all should aim for.

This relates to a subject in fitness called “greasing the groove.” Essentially, the argument here is that by training a movement or a pattern every single day, you will find it becomes more and more deeply ingrained with every attempt. Eventually, it will become second nature and you will be faster, stronger, more efficient and more capable.

So, while that perfect mastery might seem a long way now, keep in mind that each attempt is just one of your thousand reps. That every single attempt makes you a little bit better. Eventually, you’ll be a master.

3 Use Fear Setting – Tim Ferriss

Author Tim Ferriss is responsible for starting the “lifestyle design” movement, and can even take some amount of credit for the equally big health tracking trend.

Tim’s books have all reached the bestseller lists, he has worked with some of the most successful people on the planet, he has run multiple businesses, and he also has a HUGE podcast. If you haven’t checked him out, then we recommend you do!

Tim recommends a technique called fear setting to achieve your goals. The idea is that many of us fail to make progress because we’re scared of failure. You might not apply for other jobs because you’re scared of what leaving your current work might mean. You may not speak to an attractive member of the opposite sex because you’re too scared of rejection.

But here is the thing: most of us fail to ever define precisely what we’re afraid of. As a result of this, we end up blowing those fears out of all proportion and becoming frozen in fright.

By taking a moment to write down precisely what it is you are scared of, you will often realize that your fears really aren’t all that bad and that you’re perhaps overreacting. Write down all the things you’re scared of, and then next to each point, write down how likely it is to happen, how it could be prevented, and what you would do in that worst-case scenario.

For example, let’s discuss leaving your job for a new one. Perhaps you’re scared that you’ll leave your job and not like the new position, you’ll end up getting fired or leaving, and then will be penniless. Your partner will leave you because you made such a bad decision, your children will go hungry, and you’ll be forced to sell your home. The gap on your CV means you’ll never work in that industry again.

Okay, so how likely is this?

First: you won’t give up your current job until you have the new one. Second: if you don’t like the new job, you can just look for work again. There are laws in place to prevent unfair firing, and you should be able to get a very good idea of the workplace culture and vibe before you transition to the new position.

All of this makes the chances of ending up jobless much smaller. Now consider that you probably could get your old job back if ever you needed to. That you likely have at least some savings you could live off for a while. That your parents might step in to help. That you can discuss the idea with your partner. And that they support your decisions.

ALL of this makes you realize that the “fears” were simple constructs of your own mind.

4 Make It Awesome – Elon Musk

Elon Musk is probably the closest thing we have to a modern day Tesla – to the point that he named one of his companies after him! Elon went from complete obscurity to running PayPal, Tesla, and Space-X. He is almost entirely responsible for driving the commercial space travel industry, is transforming the environment with electric cars, and is known for pulling off Tony Stark-esque PR stunts.

How does he do all this? Simple: Elon Musk clearly loves being the guy to introduce the world to science fiction ideas. He has spoken before about how he dislikes boring businesses. As such, he has chased after his biggest goals and ambitions.

Simply by doing this, he has been more successful. That’s true because he loves what he is doing and feels motivated to wake up every day. But it’s also true because such big lofty goals actually motivate other people better too. They are memorable, they garner media attention…

So, don’t have small goals! Make it awesome and go for broke.

5 Let It Come – Einstein

Einstein is just one example of a great thinker who had his epiphany while relaxing. The story is famous by now: he was sorting through patents at the patent office where he worked, then the theory of special relativity came to him in a vision. He visualized what it would feel like to fall off of a roof while watching another object fall from the same point. In doing so, he understood relativity!

Why did this happen? The answer is that he was actually engaging in what most of us would consider menial or mindless work. When we do this, it activates a network of brain regions known collectively as the “default mode network.” The reason this is important, is that this network is responsible for creativity, imagination, and daydreaming.

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