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Here, you are piquing interest and making your audience aware that something is going to be available in the future. That will make them more receptive when you eventually share more information and it’s also a good example of something known as ‘presuasion’.

This is also a particularly good time to ask your audience what they would like to see. This is one of the great things about a product launch – it gives you time to consult with your audience and to make sure that they actually are interested in the thing you’re about to spend ages developing. By getting your audience to vote on the kinds of things they’d like to see from you, you can get them more involved in the product (and thus more emotionally invested) and you can also verify that the audience exists so that you aren’t risking spending a long time developing a product that no one will go on to buy…

For that reason, this step two should actually start around the same time as step one. Once you begin work, let people know while simultaneously keeping the nature of that product shrouded in mystery.

3 Create Your Launch Materials

Now you’re going to create your launch and marketing materials.

So that means you’re going to make your press release (a letter that you will send to the press, telling them about your new product and why everyone should care), a sales page (a single page that exists solely to promote your product and collect sales) and maybe some other things like some email swipes for your audience and maybe some banners, cover materials etc.

This can also be a good time to come up with some posts for social media and for your blog.

So why are we doing all this now? That’s because we’re using a technique called ‘pre and pick up’. In short, once you announce your product, you will want to start promoting it heavily. This can take a lot of work as you’re sending out emails, creating videos, creating sales materials, managing affiliates etc…

And what happens if you get ill? What happens if you get very busy and don’t have time? Or what happens if you just lose enthusiasm? In all those scenarios, you’re going to lose momentum and you’re going to lose your audience.

Conversely though, if everything is written and everything is ready to go, then you can simply hit ‘send’ when it comes to the right time and you can be sure that it is all there and ready to go.

And by setting up your sales funnel, affiliate page etc. right now, you can also test that everything works to avoid things going awry on your big launch.

4 Announce Your Digital Product

Once the product is finished and all of your materials are in place, you can now announce the digital product thereby entering into your ‘pre-launch phase’. Now the world knows precisely what the product you’re creating is, they know why they should care and hopefully they’re excited and ready for it to go live.

You’re now going to use this opportunity to create the maximum impact though so that this is big news and so that it gathers lots of attention. And if you can then the best way to do this is by announcing the launch through a big news outlet. This might be a website in your niche or even a magazine. To do this, you’re going to offer that big outlet the chance to exclusively cover your launch and be the first to break the news. And to do that, you will need to create a press release.

While you might feel nervous to give a media source exclusivity on your big launch, it’s actually a very good strategy because it means that you’ll be getting coverage from other sources too who get the news from there.

In other words, if the Verge were to cover your technology review (which is probably aiming a bit too high but just for argument’s sake…), then you would find that every other site like Engadget and Wired would also cover it soon after because they’d read the news there.

A press release is a small letter that is designed to encourage the press to cover your story. The key to using these successfully is to make sure that your press release is an actual story that will be interesting for the intended audience of the chosen website or magazine. If your press release is just transparent self-promotion, then don’t expect anyone to cover it.

5 Recruit Affiliate Marketers

Now your product is common knowledge, you can go about finding affiliates. Of course an affiliate is someone who will promote your product for you in exchange for a commission and this way, they can help you to gain more sales that you wouldn’t have gotten otherwise. You’ll often give away as much as 70% of your profits but in doing so, you’ll be able to recruit more sellers and thus make more money overall. In other words, it’s better to earn 30% of 100,000 sales than 100% of 20. The higher the commission you’re giving away, the more money you stand to make – though of course the product should also be good.

You can also encourage more affiliates in a few other ways. Supplying them with free marketing materials to use can be a big help for instance, and this is another reason why it is such a good idea to create your materials prior to your pre-launch phase. Another tip is to run a contest. This will encourage competition between your affiliates and get them to put in more work in order to try and earn your cash prize. At the same time though, it will also just be an added incentive for them to choose to promote your product over the countless others.

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