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It seems that 5% of the people in internet marketing make 95% of the money. Why do so many people fail and what are the big dogs doing that the rest aren’t?


First define internet marketing – it’s actually not just about marketing online, it actually consists of 3 groups of people
i. Consumers – accomplishment is in the purchase
ii. Business opportunity seekers (quasi business people) shotgun approach try to do everything. They chase lots of different programs and don’t focus on anything
iii. Entrepreneurs who are using the internet as one of their marketing vehicles or maybe their main. They’re focused on their business. They understand business.

People who are not making it are generally in the first two categories

– 20 / 80 rule 20% of the people make 80% of the money
– the same people that make the money in the internet marketing industry would make money in any industry whether it’s real estate, investing, or pottery

The reason is they follow 4 simple disciplines

– mindset – focus – education – action

The way you think defines your reality. It defines what you get out of life. What you believe you can achieve

Your thoughts can make you healthy and your thoughts can make you wealthy

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